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Why Fans Are Getting Fed Up With Curse Of Oak Island Season 9

"The Curse of Oak Island" is a modern-day treasure hunt centuries in the making. Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, along with the rest of their crew, have scoured a great deal of the titular 140-acre island off the coast of Nova Scotia in hopes of finding proof of the fabled lost treasures that were supposedly buried there. The series is in Season 9 and while they have found some historical relics and anthropological items, they have yet to locate any hidden bounty of significance.

Guided by hand-drawn maps and old notes, the Lagina brothers and their compatriots have used many different kinds of tools and heavy machinery in their search of locations on the island. So far, Season 9 has seen the Oak Island Fellowship spend most of their time in the areas of the swamp and the supposed location of the legendary Oak Island money pit, and the Laginas believe that they may be close to finally uncovering the mystery of Oak Island. However, it seems that fans of the show are starting to harbor some rather strong doubts.

Fans are getting sick of assumptions and the pacing

Converging on Reddit, "The Curse of Oak Island" viewers aired their frustrations in a thread that was kicked off by u/KindaSleuthy, who said, "The Bro's aren't even pretending to be serious. They phoned it in. Based upon speculation about a thin piece of metal and speculation about the 'stone road' they laid the bombshell that the Depositors were Portuguese Knights of the Templar. They seem to have forgotten that over 70 artifacts found on the island are British!"

While the Lagina brothers seem to believe that they are soon to locate a tremendous amount of silver, the patience of fans appears to be wearing thin with these kinds of wild assumptions. Reddit user u/kennend3 compared watching the show to having Stockholm Syndrome, saying, "They drag this show on at a torturous pace, but people still watch it." Reddit user u/Patch267 referenced the recent departure of a team of archaeologists, writing, "The way I see it ... with the archeologists gone, the show is really petering out."

Some fans are upset with the recent episodes, but a few have remained true to the Fellowship and have defended their theories. Replying to u/KindaSleuthy's criticisms, u/BudtendersStash wrote, "Ummm, there are multiple different time-periods involved here. The British weren't on the island en masse until the 1700s ... The Spanish seem to have been there in the 1600s." 

While others agreed with u/BudtendersStash's rebuttal, it does seem as though some fans of "The Curse of Oak Island" are starting to lose faith in the quality of the show.