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This Is Who Plays Kymberly From We're The Millers

2013's "We're the Millers" starring "Ted Lasso" actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis, along with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Kathryn Hahn, and Nick Offerman, was a box-office hit. The film ended up grossing about $270 million on a $37 million budget (via Box Office Mojo). The crime comedy follows small-time pot dealer David Clark (Sudeikis) who suffers a mugging after trying to be nice, owing his supplier quite a bit of money. In order to make it up, David is tasked with heading to Mexico to pick up the latest shipment of marijuana. David decides the most clever way to do this is to disguise the ruse with the cover of a family RV vacation, recruiting Aniston, Roberts, and Poulter to play along with the promise of payment.

Although Poulter and Roberts' characters get on board after some light convincing, Aniston's Rose O'Reilly is a little bit more difficult to persuade. David has to head to the strip club where Rose works and propose the idea to her, to which she responds that she cannot be bought — ultimately refusing the offer. Eventually, she comes back to David to accept due to bills and an eviction notice in her mailbox, showing the audience that she has been struggling financially as well. Rose's experience as a stripper even ends up saving the group's lives at one point in the film. 

The audience is also able to meet some entertaining supporting characters from Rose's establishment, including Kymberly, a fellow dancer who has quite the interesting tattoo. Here's who plays the small but iconic role in "We're the Millers."

Laura-Leigh plays Kymberly in We're the Millers

The character of Kymberly is actually portrayed by actress Laura-Leigh, known for her work in 2018's "Under the Silver Lake" starring Andrew Garfield. Laura-Leigh got her start in the entertainment industry in the mid-2000s, obtaining her first small role on "Gossip Girl" as Amanda Lasher back in 2008, during the episode titled "The Ex-Files." She went on to get other guest roles in "Law & Order" and "Numb3rs," also playing a supporting part in 2010's "The Ward" alongside actress Amber Heard. 

However, Laura-Leigh truly gained traction from her time on the reality television show "Vanderpump Rules," before she nabbed the role as Kymberly in "We're the Millers" in the same year. She noted a troubled past with drugs and alcohol from her time on the show before getting her role as Kymberly, which let her focus on her career more and get help (via Life and Style). Laura-Leigh also played a large supporting role in the television series "The Client List." Although most of her roles aside from Kymberly weren't comedic, she did end up starring in "Tooken" in 2015, a spoof on the famous "Taken" series starring Liam Neeson.

Laura-Leigh's most recent role was a supporting part in a 2019 episode of "Blue Bloods" titled "The Price You Pay." Based on recent posts from her Instagram, it would seem that since then, she's likely been spending most of her time with her family. Either way, smaller roles usually have experienced actresses behind them, and this is certainly the case with Laura-Leigh's Kymberly in "We're the Millers."

You can watch "We're the Millers" now on HBO Max with a subscription.