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The Army Of Thieves Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Army of Thieves" is the spin-off prequel to Zack Snyder's zombie heist film "Army of the Dead." Unlike most prequels, it doesn't explore the overall world and mythology established in the original. Instead, it focuses on perhaps the most interesting character from that film and the events that serve as a catalyst to get him to the following movie. That character is Ludwig Dieter. The actor who plays him, Matthias Schweighöfer, is also the director of "Army of Thieves," and he surrounds himself with a colorful, interesting cast of characters that are easy to connect with.

Like any heist film, this is a fictional world of people proficient at incredibly specific things who often have personalities to match. Their character traits are effectively made clear from the moment they're introduced and inform what we can expect from them as the mission unfolds. With such defined characters, it can be easy to find yourself trying to identify the one that fits your personality the most. To help with that, we're using the signs of the zodiac and their associated personality quirks to help you decide which one of these larger-than-life characters represents you.

Aries: Brad Cage

Clearly, Gwendoline is the leader of this particular band of criminal misfits, but that doesn't stop tough-guy Brad Cage from trying to assert himself as the man in charge. The first glimpse we get of him is in the background, where he is doing push-ups. He then reveals himself to be a jacked dude with a beard who sculpted his entire personality with the help of American action films. This is the hot-head who doesn't play nice with others and would rather charge into a bank with his guns blazing rather than put any thought into a plan.

His constant need to be the main man, the one everybody on the team looks to and the guy his enemies fear closely associates him with the sign of Aries. It's believed that folks under this sign think very highly of themselves  and no one on this team has a higher self-image than Brad Cage. After being beaten up and bullied as a small kid, Brad changes his name and starts working out like crazy until he transforms into the manliest macho man to ever walk the Earth. He's angry, violent and will do anything to be number one, not unlike the God for whom the star sign was named.

Taurus: Rolph

One of the traits most associated with Taurus is a taste for the finer things in life. That certainly matches the character of Rolph. He likes to wear nice clothes, he keeps a very nice beard and loves his fast and fancy cars. Like the rest of the team, he's a bit braggy about his skills as a driver, but in a flashback we see him carrying out a heist in fifteen minutes while working as a valet, so he's got the skills to back it up. Beyond that, Rolph also likes to treat himself to good food made with quality ingredients and isn't quite as blustery as he first seems. Sure, he gives Ludwig a good dressing down when they first meet, but soon they're bonding over beer pong and sandwiches. 

Loyalty is another trait of the Taurus. It may not seem like it at first, but Rolph is a pretty loyal guy. When the team splits in two, he sticks with Brad because his first priority is the money, but as Brad starts asserting himself more and more, Rolph's true nature starts to shine through. He's not sure about Brad's new plan, he feels bad about abandoning the rest of the team and actually tries to change sides at the last minute. It's too little too late, but he obviously learned his lesson and was a decent guy deep down — aside from the stealing.

Gemini: Sebastian aka Ludwig Dieter

Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert eventually comes to be known as Ludwig Dieter. This is partially because his actual name is difficult for the other characters to pronounce, but it's also because of his desire to live up to the image he created for himself in the pages of a comic book he created as a child. This film is very much about Dieter's journey from the lonely man with a hobby and unpronounceable name to the confident, master safe-cracker we see in "Army of the Dead." It is that change and his many quirks that make him the perfect Gemini.

Sebastian is a weird, quirky guy with a big heart. He spends much of his time alone making YouTube videos that nobody watches. His head is full of knowledge regarding the history and mythology around a bunch of safes. During a competition, he starts to give in to his own mild, cocky instincts and embraces his theoretical master of safe-cracking. At the same time, he is humbled by the size, complexity, and craft of each safe he faces. That duality and charming silliness of the character fits perfectly within the confines of a Gemini's personality.

Cancer: Gwendoline Starr

No character in "Army of Thieves" fits a zodiac sign better than Gwendoline Starr. She is, unquestionably, the actual leader of the team. She recruits the best people, sets up the plans, and makes sure everyone is doing their jobs. That kind of tactical management would normally define an entire character, but Gwendoline is also able to provide some emotional support and she never uses her authority to beat somebody down. Unlike Brad, she's more interested in making sure the team is working together effectively rather than making sure it is doing whatever she says.

That balance between proficient criminal and supportive friend mirrors the traits of those born under the sign of Cancer, who are often tough and intuitive. When Brad decides to leave Sebastian behind, ahead of schedule, she doesn't stick a gun in Brad's mouth and accuse him of betraying her. She does the smart and sensitive thing by deciding to find Sebastian and work with him. She even sacrifices her freedom for Ludwig's by the end because she knows that loyalty and kindness are more important than intimidation and violence.

Leo: Korina Dominguez

Just like Rolph, Korina is someone who enjoys luxury, as her wardrobe is rarely simple or casual. Beyond that, she is very good at what she does, and she's not afraid to acknowledge it. However, unlike some of her teammates, she doesn't feel the need to remind anyone of how great she is. Instead, she presents herself as if her excellence and style were already apparent, which they usually are. While Brad is desperate to make sure people see him the way he wants to be seen, Korina doesn't care much about others' opinions. She does what she does and that's the end of it.

Her certainty in her status isn't the only thing that makes Korina a Leo. IT's her loyalty that really seals the deal. When the team fractures, she sticks with Gwendoline and Sebastian. She doesn't want any part of Brad's rage-fueled mission to get rich, which leaves a trail of bodies in its wake. She signs up to pull off an impressive heist as a work of art — that also happens to get them rich. 

Finally, when Interpol eventually catches up to them, she doesn't rat out her team right away. Although it isn't explicitly shown, it is suggested she may have let a few details slip after the law threatens her younger sister. 

Virgo: Hans Wagner

Hans Wagner is the reason this particular group of criminals are working together. Without him, the movie cannot happen. Decades prior to the start of the film, Wagner built four safes that were masterpieces of the craft. They weren't just giant storage lockers. These were iconic works of art. Inspired by his love for Richard Wagner's "The Ring of the Nibelung," Hans commits himself to build these massive puzzles that mirror the four cycles of the German operas. 

It is the oddly romantic history regarding the creation of the safes, not to mention the fact that Wagner locked himself inside of them as a means of suicide, that inspires Sebastian to obsess over them. Virgos are said to be meticulous in their approach to things. Well, you don't get more meticulous than Hans. It isn't so much that he designed and built some cool safes that make him a Virgo. His careful attention to detail and nuance exemplify the star sign's traits.

Libra: Delacroix

"Army of Thieves" occurs during the early days of a zombie outbreak in Nevada. The film gives viewers snippets of what's going on in the United States in the form of brief news clips. Even though this story is set in Europe, the fact that the undead are eating people anywhere in the world is still a threat, and one would think it may be the most important thing going on right now. That's where Interpol agent Delacroix comes in.

Like many other Libras, Delacroix is concerned with balance. In this case, justice represents that balance. The first time we see him, he is in a conference room with other agents, fuming over the international thieves running around Europe without getting caught. When it's brought to his attention that the world has bigger things to worry about, he doubles down on his convictions. Yes, while the rest of humanity is distracted by flesh-eating ghouls in America, these thieves are trying to pull off a massive multi-tiered heist, and he cannot let that happen.

Even though the crew outsmarts him at almost every turn, Delacroix will not let up. No matter what obstacle he comes up against (most of them having to do with incompetence), Delacroix regroups and keeps moving because that's what Libras do.

Scorpio: Beatrix

The dynamic between Beatrix and Delacroix is not totally dissimilar to that of Gwendoline and Brad. One of them is loud, blustery, and dangerous in their drive to achieve an almost selfish goal. The other's a bit more reserved and calculating. The major difference is that Delacroix outranks Beatrix. However, that doesn't mean she's any less capable than her male counterpart.

We're not really sure what Beatrix's relationship with Delacroix is. Nor do we ever fully understand her motivations. That obscurity is what makes her a Scorpio. She keeps to herself, for the most part, moving around in the background and observing events. When she does speak up, she's usually shot down right away, but that doesn't stop her from keeping her head on the task at hand. 

When the time comes, she steps up when she is needed. Once Korina has been captured and refuses to cooperate, Beatrix steps in. She's the one who appeals to Korina's nature as a caring older sister. The audience may not fully grasp Beatrix's motivations, but she is clearly effective.

Sagittarius: Techie

With the exception of Delacroix and Beatrix, the vast majority of the Interpol agents hunting these thieves are little more than cronies. They are placeholder characters meant to carry out orders, even if those orders don't always make sense. One of these agents, however, who is named on IMDb as Techie, stands out. Like Beatrix, his role isn't exactly prominent, but he is important to the events of the film and carries himself with the kind of self-assuredness usually reserved for central characters.

From what we can gather, Techie seeks out information. Not just clues, but information actively being transmitted. In one scene, he is shown listening to something, tweaking the signal, then presenting his findings. His superiors question the criminals' logic in discussing their plans on an open channel. Techie explains the channel isn't exactly public, but he was able to get past the encryption. 

That ability to keep searching for answers is why Techie personifies the Sagittarius. Even if Korina is feeding him false info, it sure seems like Techie has big things in his future based on his skill. He did the work, and he found what his superiors were looking for. It's not his fault if they were being messed with.

Capricorn: Mr. Cool Guy

Before Sebastian even knows there's a big heist coming up, he has to prove himself to Gwendoline. Thanks to a YouTube comment under his most recent video, Sebastian receives a date and an address where he can test his safe-cracking abilities. He's thrown into the deep end right away, surrounded by presumably master crackers who do this sort of thing all the time. While everyone else is incredibly skilled, Sebastian's only real competition is a man who the credits name Mr. Cool Guy.

During most of the competition, Sebastian is nervous and confused. He tries to get insight from his competitor, who has no interest in telling him anything. Mr. Cool Guy, on the other hand, lives up to his nickname by showing almost zero apprehension to the tasks at hand. Like other Capricorns, this individual has devoted a lot of time to his craft and become so proficient that he doesn't need to rush.

That hubris eventually takes him down, however. When the final task is at hand, Mr. Cool Guy diligently does his work, trying to use every second wisely, but Sebastian successfully distracts him. Perhaps if he'd been a bit less cocky and not underestimated his opponent, he might have emerged victorious. 

Aquarius: Old Security Guard Joe

The first heist of the film is basically practice. It's a chance for Sebastian to commit a crime without too much pressure. It is also an opportunity to stash some money away if anyone on the team gets caught during a later operation. Everything goes as smoothly as expected and Sebastian is energized by the thrill of robbing banks. 

The first obstacle they have to overcome is the security guard at the entrance, who they encounter when they arrive on the scene. Brad and Rolph discuss the security guard's age and demeanor, and Brad refers to him as Old Joe. IMDB names him Old Security Guard Joe. He's an older gentleman who stands guard to ensure no troublemakers get inside. This may seem like a stretch, given his tiny appearance in the film, but this character is the perhaps best example of an Aquarius the film has.

Someone born under the star sign of Aquarius is said to care about people. This is someone who protects a bank. Old Joe may not be great at it, but he's trying. When Gwendoline approaches with all her bags, he does not hesitate to help her. He takes her bags so she can open the door, although, unfortunately for him, she is simultaneously stealing his keys. His heart and intentions are in the right place, even if he is getting the wool pulled over his eyes.

Pisces: Basement Mcee

During the underground safe-cracking competition, there is a master of ceremonies sitting above everyone else, watching the action and announcing everything as it happens. While her presence here is convenient to us, as she gives us all the necessary information we need to understand what's happening, it is also important to help viewers fully understand Sebastian's talent.

Folks born under the sign of Pisces are believed to be intuitive, even psychic. During her time on screen, this character, named Basement Mcee on IMDb, seems to read and understand these competitors immediately. She announces their names, personality traits and lets us know where they stand in relation to each other. More importantly, she gets a solid read on Sebastian right away.

Although she initially refers to him as "Nervous Guy," she quickly points him out as a possible new champion. By the end of the competition, she is proven absolutely right.