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Here's Why Hawkeye's Recognizable Costume Is So Important

Marvel's latest Disney+ series, "Hawkeye," is already three episodes deep and has given plenty of material in the form of Easter eggs and world-building for fans to muse over. Not only have we gotten a close look into the post-Blip life of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), but we've also been introduced to multiple new characters, including Hawkeye protégée Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) and, most recently, Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) — and we're only halfway through the limited series.

"Hawkeye" sees Clint plan for the holidays with his family, but, unfortunately for him, those plans are interrupted when 22-year-old Kate Bishop dons Clint's Ronin suit and gets tangled up with the criminal gang known as the Tracksuit Mafia. Even more unfortunate for Clint, it seems he made some enemies with the Tracksuits during his time as the Ronin, so when the hooded figure pops back into the scene, the Tracksuit Mafia is out for blood. Unfortunately, that means Clint has to protect Kate at all times as the two try to find answers to their current predicament.

Although "Hawkeye" Episode 3 didn't provide as many minute details as the first two, Marvel always tends to sneak in a few important Easter eggs in an episode to give fans something to dive into. In this week's "Hawkeye" episode, we get a brief mention of the character's comics superhero costume, and it may mean more than you think.

A new costume for Hawkeye could symbolize a heroic transition

"Hawkeye" Episode 3, titled "Echoes" (via IMDb), initially sees Clint and Kate in a bit of trouble. Clint originally plans to be captured by the Tracksuit Mafia in order to gather intel, but, when Kate crashes through in a botched rescue attempt, his plan is ruined and they are both actually held captive. After an encounter with the Tracksuit's boss, Maya Lopez, aka Echo, the pair manages to escape in an epic car chase.

After the hectic battle with the Tracksuits, Clint and Kate decide to recoup over a diner breakfast. Kate says that Hawkeye needs a more "recognizable" costume and provides a cartoonish mock-up that features an "H" on the forehead and large, hawk-like specs. She then explains the new costume would be purple, and when Clint scoffs, "Not happening," she then suggests the new look be all black with a mask and hood, seemingly referencing the archer's Ronin suit, as seen in the comics (via Marvel Fandom).

While this could just be a simple nod to Hawkeye's classic costume from the comics, this reference also could point to a transformation for Clint in the future. Clint's history is dark and bloody but it seems he may be wanting to turn a new leaf. A costume change would be the perfect symbol for the character's transition into more honest and heroic antics. Maybe the following episodes will see Clint with the classic costume. We'll have to tune in to Disney+ on Wednesday, December 8 to find out.