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We Finally Know If Hawkeye Is Likely To Wear His Iconic Mask

"Hawkeye" has finally dropped on Disney+, and the first two episodes from the latest series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe already have fans on social media looking forward to more. Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), has been in the MCU since his character's introduction in 2011's "Thor." During his decade onscreen, Hawkeye has battled aliens, evil AI, and the criminal underworld while also holding down the fort as a dedicated family man. Now, "Hawkeye" sees the character finally stepping out with a solo spinoff show that introduces Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. The Marvel Disney+ series is adapted from Matt Fraction and David Aja's "Hawkeye" run in 2012. While the show borrows many elements from this particular comic book arc, audiences have yet to see Hawkeye don a live-action version of the superhero costume they've seen on the page.

Hawkeye's costume in past MCU films has never really compared to the version seen in the comics — unless you count the black tactical bodysuit from the Ultimate Universe series. The Marvel Comics version of Hawkeye has historically donned a tight bodysuit functional for the highly skilled archer. Many variations of the costume also feature a mask that has protruding ear angles. While many comic book fans agree the best costume variations don't feature the mask (via CBR), some viewers may be holding out hope the iconic outfit will make an appearance on-screen eventually. After all, filmmakers found a clever way to incorporate the comic book costumes for Scarlet Witch and Vision into the Disney+ series "WandaVision."

So, will "Hawkeye" viewers finally get a good look at this Avenger in a comics-appropriate costume pulled right off the page?

Hawkeye fans will have to wait to see the hero don that iconic mask

In a November interview with ComicBookMovie.com, Marvel Studios executive producer Trinh Tran revealed whether or not fans can expect the character to wear his iconic mask on screen. The short answer: it's not likely. When asked about the comic book-accurate version of Hawkeye's costume, Tran told Comic Book Movie that discussions had been held about incorporating it into the "Hawkeye" series for Disney+. She explained, "It's funny because this series is such a light-hearted tone. We had a discussion about how fun it would be to figure out a way in order for that to be incorporated one way or another."

Instead, the Marvel EP pointed out a promotional clip in which Kate Bishop pokes fun at Hawkeye's branding (via YouTube). "That gets incorporated in terms of how she thinks Clint is like in the public eye and partly is due to some of the outfits that he's been wearing," Tran said. 

The bigger reason the mask will never be seen onscreen — at least with the current MCU's version of Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner — might have more to do with the actor's reluctance to wear it. "I think the big question is, would Jeremy wear something like that?" Tran added, going on to joke that she would be all for it if he was amenable.