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The Ending Of Hawkeye Episode 3 Explained

"Hawkeye" Episode 3 ("Echoes") is in the books, and the third installment of the newest Disney+ series added to the fun and excitement of the first two. Somehow we are already halfway through the season, but there's still plenty of action to come, especially if Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) keep up the pace of the first three episodes.

The episode seemed to fly by, and there wasn't as much to digest in this installment as the two previous ones regarding easter eggs and world-building. That does not mean this episode didn't hold its weight, as it was rather spectacular. Episode 3 yet again proved that street-level action and storytelling are just as compelling and exciting as the intergalactic stories we've been fed over the last 12 years.

We got a deeper look at Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) and her roots, watched the bond form deeper between Clint and Kate, and got a bombshell dropped on us about a major player yet to be revealed. Let's dive into Episode 3 of "Hawkeye" and its biggest takeaways.

Meet Echo

Episode 3 does wonderfully what so many movies and television shows fail at when introducing a new comic book character to the screen — we're looking at you, "Eternals." We were given a well-rounded intro to Maya's beginnings, from a young girl to a strong woman in just a few minutes.

The show kicks off in the past, where we see a young, deaf Maya sitting in class with what appears to be all hearing students. Although she doesn't correctly follow the teacher's instructions, Maya still proves herself a very intelligent and creative youngster.

Flash forward to the future, but still in the past, we learn that Maya has a prosthetic leg which in no way hinders her ability to kick ass in a boxing ring. Episode 3's disability representation was stellar, especially given that Echo is not an amputee, but actress Alaqua Cox is, according to People.

We also get a sense of the loving relationship between Maya and her father, William Lopez (Zahn McClarnon). There's a strong bond there, and William explains to his daughter that she has two live in two worlds as a deaf person. While the duo seems like a great pair, we are reminded that they are involved in some sort of criminal enterprise and part of the Tracksuit Mafia. We also see Ronin taking out a bunch of the Tracksuit thugs in a flashback, with his blade ultimately wiping out William as Maya watches her father take his last breath. We now know why she and the Tracksuits are so invested in tracking down Ronin.

How 'bout them arrows?

A big takeaway from Episode 3 is the brief exchange between Clint and Maya while she questions him about Ronin. Clint admits that Ronin is dead, and he was killed by Black Widow. While we, the viewers, know what this means metaphorically, Echo takes it more literally and isn't buying it. She is desperate to track down the person responsible for her father's death, and she isn't leaving it alone due to Clint's confession. She also suggests to Clint that he should remove his hearing aid, as it'll help him fight better. Clint's hearing loss story is peppered throughout the episode and gives us a great sense of an internal battle he's fighting.

Clint and Kate manage to escape the KB Toys in a few minutes, much to the chagrin of '90s moms everywhere. They hop into a car in the parking lot and are followed by Echo and her well-dressed-for-a-Run-DMC-concert henchmen. Here we have one of the best car chases in the MCU to date. Clint drives as Kate shoots arrows at their enemies, and each new arrow does something entirely different. Some are totally silly, some are super useful, and some just had that "wow" factor — you know the one we're talking about.

MCU fans love a good easter egg, and one was not-so-subtly hiding in Episode 3. Kate and Clint are about to be crushed from one of the Tracksuit's moving vans when the latter whips out an arrow that reads "Pym" in a white-blue hue. At the same time, Kate fires an arrow of her own that's a run-of-the-mill stick-with-a-point, but when the arrows meet, the Pym particles blow up Kate's to the size of a 747 that pins the van to the street.

Throw that sucker in with a purple putty arrow, a detonator arrow, and a multi-cable arrow that managed to snatch a dozen Christmas trees with ease, and we get a better look at what Clint's been carrying in that quiver all this time.

Say Uncle

Let's get to that brief Episode 3 moment that everyone is talking about. Echo has a short conversation with her right-hand man, Kazi (Fra Fee), that dropped a major bombshell. When Kazi tells Echo they need to lay low with chasing Ronin, he mentions that "Uncle" might feel a certain way about their recent adventures. After reminding Kazi that she's in charge, the topic of this mysterious man is dropped altogether. While the writers might be trying to trick viewers into thinking Kazi is alluding to Jack (Tony Dalton), loyal Marvel fans know this is a hint at someone bigger.

In the comics, Echo is the adoptive daughter of Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. For some time now, there have been rumors that suggest Vincent D'Onofrio might join the series, reprising his role as Fisk from the "Daredevil" Netflix series. We're more on track than ever to see this fan theory come to life, and with a special cameo rumored to occur in Episode 4's post-credits scene (via Inverse), we have a pretty good idea of who that's going to be. It looks like Jack might be a red-herring and our big bad is Kingpin after all. Here's hoping, at least. We're also not too sure about you either Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga), but more on you next week hopefully.

New episodes of "Hawkeye" drop every Wednesday on Disney+.