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The Trinity Theory That Could Change Everything In Matrix Resurrections

When it comes to "The Matrix Resurrections," it seems like practically anything is possible. Countless fan theories have surfaced in the months since the release of the first teasers for the film, and it looks like speculation about "Resurrections" is starting to reach a fever pitch, despite its debut being just a few weeks away now.

Similar to the previous entries in the "Matrix" franchise, "The Matrix Resurrections" promises to be another visually stunning sci-fi blockbuster. However, "Resurrections" comes with a mysterious twist that its predecessors didn't — namely, that it seems to have brought Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) back from the dead. Curiously, there's been no explanation given yet about why and how the two characters have returned. As a result, the subject has become the focus of many "Matrix" fans' recent theories and discussions about the film.

Indeed, while seeing Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reprising their legendary roles again may be nothing more than exciting news to some, die-hard fans of the "Matrix" series have been left scratching their heads over their reemergence. That's especially true for Moss' Trinity. After all, unlike Neo, Moss' character is not endowed with the incredible powers that come with being The One. Therefore, when she suffered her tragic fate in "The Matrix Revolutions," many believed she was gone forever. But as many already know, Trinity is back in "Matrix Resurrections." 

Unsurprisingly, "Matrix" fans have some theories about the circumstances of her return, which could reveal her shocking role in the film.

Fans think Trinity doesn't really exist in Matrix Resurrections

Brace yourselves, "Matrix" fans. This theory is a complex one.

A recent discussion on the "Matrix" subreddit saw one fan speculating about the possibility that Carrie-Anne Moss' Trinity is actually the Residual Self Image (RSI) of Jessica Henwick's Bugs, who is trying to get Neo to remember his heroic past as The One. "Trinity doesn't exist," wrote Redditor u/varunasingh. "She is the RSI of Jessica Henwick to make Neo remember."

The user adds, "Same as Morpheus. [Yahya Abdul-Mateen II] is playing 'Morpheus' for Neo to remember. The same goes for Trinity. She is there to trigger Neo (just like many other scenes) for Neo to remember the occurrences in the Matrix. This would be done in order to extract Neo and get him out. [That] explains why Trinity screaming shows Jessica Henwick's character. This also explains Yaya Abdul's [sic] comments [that] his character [isn't] entirely Morpheus." 

In response to this theory, Redditor u/SwagginsYolo420 noted how "profoundly sad" this twist would be, given "the thematic importance" of Neo and Trinity's relationship. Others also speculated that the machines could be using Trinity's RSI to trick Neo into remaining happy and trapped inside what many have dubbed the "New Matrix." "The machines [are] keeping their brains alive just enough to plug them in," proposed u/ldratio. "This would explain the new spinal plugs on their neck." 

The good news is that, no matter what lies in store for Neo and Trinity, fans won't have to wait too much longer to find out the answers to these mysteries. "The Matrix Resurrections" is set to be released on HBO Max and in theaters on December 22.