This Is How Much Money Jennifer Landon From Yellowstone Is Actually Worth

The TV series "Yellowstone" has that rare combination of seasoned actors, engrossing plot, and jaw-dropping scenery. Known for his vast collection of films, Kevin Costner's foray into the world of television has been met with overwhelming approval from viewers. The fourth season of "Yellowstone" had the most-watched season premiere of a show on television since the 8th season of "The Walking Dead" in 2017. The show features veteran actors such as Wes Bentley, Danny Huston, and Kelly Reilly, as well as fresher faces to prestige TV, like Brecken Merrill, Ryan Bingham, and Jennifer Landon

While Jennifer may seem less familiar than many of the others, she's been performing since she was a child. She spent about seven years acting on popular soap operas such as "As the World Turns," for which Jennifer won three Daytime Emmy Awards for her role as Gwen Norbeck Munson. Her hard work and perseverance has meant that, before winning the role of the pink-haired firecracker, Teeter, on "Yellowstone," she's had guest roles in just about everything. Right now, alongside her growing role on "Yellowstone," Jennifer also stars as Sarah Allen in "FBI: Most Wanted." But exactly how much is the talented actress worth?

Landon is the daughter of a legend

For those that remember "Bonanza," "Little House on the Prairie," and "Highway to Heaven," Jennifer Landon's last name probably invokes memories of the legendary actor, Michael Landon — her father. Jennifer's first role came when she was five and her dad decided she was going to be in an episode of "Highway to Heaven." In an interview with Smashing Interviews, she spoke about remembering all the details of her time on the set and feeling like she didn't belong there. "They were child actors, and I wasn't," she recalled, "So I'm wondering if I picked up on energy from any of the other kids or whoever was there with them, like 'Here she is. She can go to the front just by sheer nepotism.'"

After that experience, it would be several years before the acting bug really bit Jennifer. But when it did, there was no stopping her, and Jennifer's strong determination is likely a trait she inherited from her father. So what does all of her hard work amount to? According to Idol Net Worth, Jennifer's under-the-radar career has already amassed her a fortune worth about $14 million. It may not be anywhere near the estimated $100 million her father would've been worth if he was still alive (via Celebrity Net Worth), but with Jennifer gaining more attention with her role in "Yellowstone," the future looks bright for this young actress.