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Why Platt And Mouch Are Considered The Most Solid Couple In Chicago P.D.

When it comes to romantic pairings, all three of the "One Chicago" extended family of shows have offered plenty of potential couples that prompted fans to wonder, "Will they or won't they?" Then, if a given couple does get together and the love-fest blows up, fans might also end up asking, "Why in the world DID they?" The truth is, it's a fact of TV life that couples on the "Chicago" series tend to form, split apart, and recombine at a head-spinning rate. In addition to that, a given relationship may seem to have smooth sailing for several episodes, only to suddenly hit the rocks.

In a gritty police procedural like "Chicago P.D.", the officers and beat cops of the 21st District are likely to be pitched into high-risk, life-threatening action on a weekly basis. As such, they can be excused for looking to decompress and link up emotionally with those who share their dangerous jobs. Even series crossover relationships spring up, and fade away, on a regular basis. For one such crossover pair, however, the demands of being first responders only seem to make their bond stronger. Yes, we're looking at you, "Chicago P.D." desk sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) and "Chicago Fire" regular, Randy "Mouch" McHolland (Christian Stolte).

The couple known as Plouch faced challenges that bonded them together

As the duo whose names fans have conveniently morphed into the love combo "Plouch," Platt and Mouch easily rise to the top of the list of reliable, long-term partners on "Chicago P.D." In stark contrast to fan-favorite yet temporary hookups like "Burzek" and "Stellaride," or other permutations of "One Chicago" personnel, Plouch endures through crisis after crisis, only to emerge in the next scene more strongly committed than ever.

For instance, when Trudy is attacked and her father brutally murdered in Season 4, Episode 3 of "Chicago P.D.", Mouch is right there to comfort her and help work through her grief together. Later, in the series' 100th outing, Mouch is watching Platt shoot a TV interview when a nearby explosion goes off, sending her to the hospital. Again, Mouch is the one who races to be with her and offers support as she recovers. 

The power couple is not only united by leaning on each other during emergencies, but they also act as a unit when something like making a financial investment in the pub known as Molly's comes up, pooling their resources to make it happen. While there's plenty of romance between the two, Platt and Mouch are also always dependable and sweet with each other. In other words, when it comes to naming the couple considered most rock-solid in "Chicago P.D.", the clear choice is the inseparable, unbreakable Plouch.