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The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was a groundbreaking show in many ways, but none more so than giving us a badass female heroine who has no problem kicking some vampire ass in a pair of designer heels. With a stable of well-rounded characters, the series has something for everyone — whether you're the class clown like Xander, the diplomat like Tara, or the loyal bookworm like Giles. 

Despite the show's mildly outdated graphics, the series remains a fan favorite because of its characters — these teenagers who endlessly put their lives on the line to save the world. Sure, we all love a good vampire slaying, but the series' humanity (and puns) are what keep fans coming back decades later. And while the characters are pretty well-rounded, there's definitely a case to match them up with their zodiac counterparts. 

Of course, we don't have canon birthdays for most characters, and Buffy's own birthday is a hot mess of plot holes. Her school file lists her as an October baby, but most fans cite her birthday as January 19: the day her first birthday episode aired. However, that would make her a Capricorn, and it's pretty difficult to argue that everyone's favorite slayer is a pragmatic rule follower. So, for the sanctity of getting characterizations on point, we're just going to ignore the canon (or fandom decided) birthdays of the characters and go with our Xander gut feeling — and with the help of Horoscope.com

Aries: Faith

Faith Lehane just might be the most competitive character in the Buffyverse — including Buffy herself. She's not in the business of sugarcoating things, either, making her a Grade A Aries. Sure, Faith doesn't always put her trust and loyalty in the hands of the right people, but once Faith does, it takes a whole lot to sever that bond. Most people would probably run for the hills if their mentor were trying to become a massive demon snake, but Faith is chill to go along with the Mayor's ascension plans as long as she has a gaming system and a shiny new knife.

But that's not to say that the feisty slayer (version 3.0) isn't impulsive, either. She's quick to make spur-of-the-moment life choices — whether it's breaking the law or hooking up with someone she sets her sights on. Faith is as unpredictable as any good Aries. The quickest way to get on Faith's bade side is a lack of honesty, and if you break her trust, she'll turn on you faster than a vampire. And with her temper? It's best to avoid that at all costs.

Taurus: Giles

Who better to represent a Taurus than our ever-stalwart, ever-present Giles? His status as Sunnydale High's resident librarian may be an undercover component to his role as Buffy's watcher, but can anyone think of a nerdier (or more intelligent) guy for the job? The Scooby Gang is rife with their own drama (they are high schoolers, after all), while Giles tries to stay far away from their adolescent teen angst.

Yet even though his place in the stacks is much more comfortable to Giles than battle, he never leaves his slayer hanging. Giles may serve as more of a mentor than a partner-in-slaying, but unlike typical watchers, he will put his life on the line to protect his slayer — something that even gets him fired from the Watcher's Council. 

Giles values honesty and keeping Buffy safe so deeply that when it comes to taking away her powers and putting her through a brutal test, Giles simply can't do it. Despite knowing it will fracture his relationship with Buffy, possibly irreparably, he tells her the truth — ostracizing himself from both Buffy and the Council. Is that loyalty or what?

Gemini: Buffy

Buffy Summers knows a thing or two about wearing different hats (or heels, in her case). When you're a teenager with a secret identity that requires you to stroll cemeteries after midnight, you tend to become different people. Slayer Buffy is a whole lot different from School Buffy, who's even a whole lot different from Home Buffy. Geminis have the reputation of being two-faced, but in reality, they're just easily adaptable — either by necessity or choice.

Despite her sometimes status as a ditzy valley girl, Buffy is smart as a whip (or a stake). Sure, she struggles in school, but who wouldn't when they're busy saving the world until 5 AM on school nights? And let's face it: No one can pun or sass like the slayer. In the love department, Buffy is all about the flirting game until she finds someone she shares a deep connection to and wants to settle down with — but even still, she's never boring (and neither are her partners). How many times can one girl live out an overdramatic Romeo and Juliet-esque vampire and slayer relationship?

Like any good Gemini, Buffy's loyalty runs deep, but she's more than willing to call out the Scooby Gang when she disagrees with their actions. As likely to go shopping for 20 new pairs of shoes and party at the Bronze as she is to have a deep conversation with her friends, Buffy's zest for life and her ability to inspire make her a phenomenal leader. It's not just brawn with Buffy.

Cancer: Angel

Angel may not be much of a talker, but that doesn't mean he's not paying attention to everything around him. When you do get Angel to speak more than five syllables, you'll find that he's quite tuned into other people's emotions and needs — just like a Cancer crab. He's certainly not going into awkward niceties about the weather or big party scenarios, but if you get him in a smaller social setting, he'll open up a bit more.

While everything might pull Buffy and Angel apart in the love department, despite his seemingly icy demeanor, Angel falls pretty fast in love, and he's a committed guy — though he definitely needs his broody vampire alone time to read and have dramatic zen workouts. And though he may not seem like it at first, Angel can pull out a pretty killer sense of humor when he feels like it (and when he's soulless, that killer humor turns quite literal). But most importantly? Angel's number one priority is saving the world and atoning for what he did, and not even Buffy can get in the way of that mission. In fact, he leaves Buffy to pursue that goal in L.A.

Leo: Cordelia

Cordelia may get a bad rep as Sunnydale High's most vapid and self-involved cheerleader, but she's really just a Leo who knows what she wants. Sunnydale's Queen B is fabulous in all she does, and she knows it — and that's not a bad thing. But despite her mild flair for the dramatic, Cordelia works for everything she has. She kicks butt at cheer practice, lobbies hard for the title of May Queen, and even finds herself assisting the Scooby Gang in saving the world business when the mood strikes. Hell, she bites a vampire at one point to teach them a lesson. Is there anything more kickass than that?

When she isn't working hard at school and extracurriculars, no one can party quite like Cordelia Chase. When it really counts, she puts her own zest for entertainment aside to save the world. Otherwise, she's out of there if it's not going to be fun or beneficial to her. As her bold personality might suggest, Cordelia appreciates her partners making grand romantic gestures in the love department — like Xander getting her that flashy heart necklace she pretends to hate. But she knows her worth, too. The minute Xander hooks up with Willow, it's really over between them. By the end of her "Angel" arc, Cordy arguably becomes the best example of character development in the entire franchise. Go team!

Virgo: Willow

When Buffy first meets Willow, she's timid and soft-spoken. But the more the slayer gets to know her eventual best friend, Buffy discovers how intelligent and wise Willow is, even though she doesn't have a whole lot of personal life experience to back up her sound advice. Willow is your go-to girl for a shoulder to lean on, and like most Virgos, she has a knack for research and planning. Buffy would be dead a dozen times over (and not just a couple) if it weren't for Willow.

And though Willow may be shy in social situations, she's pretty romantic and sensual when it comes to her love life. However, Willow's need to do everything perfectly in her regular life sends her down a dark path as Dark Willow when Warren murders her girlfriend, Tara. After a particularly wrought battle with dark magic, she eventually succumbs to the one thing that allows her to lose control. Yet Willow is someone who strives to be the best she can be, so she takes her recovery just as seriously as she would a classroom assignment — always ready to learn how to be the best version of herself, even when it's easier to stop caring.

Libra: Tara

If there's someone in "Buffy" even more soft-spoken than Willow, it's her girlfriend, Tara. From her very first introduction to the show, Tara radiates a "peace and love" energy — which makes sense, given her affiliation with magic. Like any Libra, Tara will put the needs of everyone, even strangers, ahead of her own, sometimes failing to advocate for herself in her quest to keep the peace in her friend group. Because of her timid demeanor and sweet disposition, Tara can get the group to stop quarreling like no one has before. She's a pro at listening to every side of the story and figuring out a way to make everyone happy, even when saving the world is at stake (pun intended).

Though she seems aloof much of the time, Tara always listens to the world around her. Her desire to truly discover who she is as a person is pretty in-line with the Libra shtick. She is willing to advocate for herself, though, when Willow lies to her and uses black magic against her. They do work things out right before Tara's death, but as harmonious as she may be, she doesn't let people walk all over her either.

Scorpio: Spike

Spike is the perfect example of a Scorpio who has every inkling (and opportunity) to be the villain but chooses a different path. From day one, Spike has been a bit of a vampire enigma. Even when he's soulless, he accepts that passion and love are something anyone can feel — soul or no soul. Even more, he loathes when people pretend like this isn't the case. Spike is all about the "if you love someone, tell them already" vibe and can't stand when people waffle between their truths. 

Our favorite blonde vampire puts on a bit of a bad boy persona, but he's actually one of the most emotional characters in the series. Maybe it's the failed poet in him, but Spike can empathize with the best of them and gives advice to humans even when they're his enemies — and that's a pretty rare thing. But hey, the guy just loves love. Between befriending Joyce even without a soul, falling in love with Drusilla and Buffy while soulless, and throwing everything he has into those feelings, no one loves harder than Spike.

Now, he makes some really awful choices in this pursuit of soulless love, but he also does the unthinkable for Buffy after he tries to force himself on her: He gets a soul. A soul is the last thing any vampire wants, but even soulless, Spike is disgusted at himself for hurting and betraying Buffy, seeking out the very thing that someone without a soul should have no reason to desire. 

Sagittarius: Anya

Anya may not seem charismatic at first glance, but everyone's favorite bunny-hating ex-demon oozes charisma in her own slightly awkward way. Can you blame her, though? She was born in 860 AD, after all. She's not exactly hype to the lingo of the '90s. However, even as a demon, her whole tagline is being able to convince unwitting humans to make a wish so she can blow up their spot and turn their lives into a nightmare. That, paired with her need for constant adventure, makes her a pretty great Sagittarius.

With Anya, what you see is what you get. She's not wholly in tune with her human emotions, but she'll always express herself — whether it's grief over Joyce that she doesn't know how to handle, her disdain for the human race, or her feelings for Xander. Can you think of anyone else brazen enough to stand naked in front of their intended lover to strike up a love affair? That's moxie. Anya is blunt to a fault, but you always know where you stand with her. And her energy? Well, that's unparalleled.

Capricorn: Wesley

No one loves a good rule more than Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Stay still, Wes. Your Capricorn is showing. 

While Wes' adoration for rule-following counteracts the show's other Watcher Giles, Wes will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals — no matter who gets in his way. How these character traits present themselves makes Wes quite insufferable, but he doesn't have to be. In fact, he majorly redeems himself in the "Buffy" spinoff "Angel," so if any Capricorns feel slighted, go watch the spinoff and be proud to wave that Capricorn flag.

On paper, Wes is exactly the guy you want in charge in charge of a rebellious teenager who has the power to save the world, but his refusal to adapt to her way of thinking makes that mentorship impossible. Buffy wants to wear the pants in her Watcher-Slayer relationships, and that's just not going to fly with uptight Wes. Yet, he knows precisely who he is, and that sense of self is largely unwavering. However, his technical approach to most things turns some people off toward becoming true friends or romantic partners with him, but he works on that (and his bravery) in "Angel." But really, no one is harder on Wes than he is on himself, and that's saying something.

Aquarius: Oz

Oz is a bit of an enigma, which makes him the perfect Aquarius. He's equal parts rock band guy as "feel the vibes of the Earth and goes with the flow" dude, and this contradictory demeanor makes him difficult to peg down. However, he's also pretty emotionally in-tune, and he's passionate about making the world better than it was the day before.

Even when he becomes a werewolf, Oz doesn't want to rely on his friends or put anyone in danger, so he seeks answers at the ends of the Earth to keep his heightened emotions in check and control the shift. That's something few wolves have ever done, and it's a testament to his intelligence and connection to the Earth that he can pull it off. Despite a pretty raw deal, Oz is a chill guy who takes life as it comes, and he's always ready to see the best in people. Hell, he just glazes past the "vampires are real, and Sunnydale is a Hellmouth" convo. Can you get any chiller than that?

Pisces: Xander

When it comes to characters with gut instincts, Xander Harris is your guy. Though he firmly cements his status as "the funny friend" immediately upon meeting someone, that's not to say he isn't intelligent or in tune with his emotions — and everyone else's as well. He masks his feelings with humor, but they're certainly there. The most telling Pisces vibe from Xander, however, is his keen understanding of people's motivations. While he often lets jealousy cloud his judgment (re: Angel), as a general rule, he's pretty good at sussing out whether or not someone is bad news.

If the Scooby Gang had taken him seriously more often, they might have avoided quite a few betrayals and end of the world scenarios. Xander isn't big on huge groups of people, but his tight-knit group of friends is just what the vampire ordered. Xander could stand to work on his self-doubt a bit, which could make people a bit more inclined to listen to his intuition.