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The Real Reason Vincent D'Onofrio Wants Kingpin To Take On Spider-Man

As Twitter's spider-sense goes into meltdown this week with confirmation that the second trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home" is set to be revealed in the near future (via ComicBook.com), speculation is rampant as to who will be making an appearance — and more importantly — what doors could be opened as a result of those appearances. In addition to the steady speculation about a few former Spideys showing up, there have been rumblings of a Devil from Hell's Kitchen set to make a comeback. If this speculation bears fruit, it begs the question: What other characters from the Netflix canon could be reappearing as well? There's one crime lord in particular that's feeding a lot of rumors right now.

Kingpin actor Vincent D'Onofrio had fun back in September teasing fans on Twitter with the idea that he might appear in Disney's "Hawkeye." That's yet to be confirmed, but if you ask D'Onofrio about his future with the MCU, he's got a very specific vision for it. To hear the actor tell it, there's one Marvel hero his Kingpin really needs to go toe-to-toe with, and it's the same one that's apparently going to be experiencing some difficulty finding his way home in an upcoming film. Here's why D'Onofrio wants Kingpin to take on Spider-Man.

D'Onofrio wants to take the Kingpin back to his first foe

In a recent interview on Jakes Takes, D'Onofrio discussed the dream MCU match-up for the Kingpin, and it's one that fans would no doubt jump, swing, and thwip at the chance to see. 

"It definitely has to be Spider-Man," D'Onofrio said with certainty. "We'll see if they ask me to do it." The former Kingpin suggested that battling Tom Holland's wall-crawler seemed like the obvious choice after knocking down Castle and almost breaking Daredevil. As he put it, "Kingpin lived in a world of Punisher, Daredevil and Spider-Man so that would be the one."

It would be a fitting match-up giving the two's history in the comics. Fisk debuted in issue #50 of "The Amazing Spider-Man" in 1967 (via Marvel.com), before eventually venturing out and becoming a foil to Matt Murdoch's crimson-colored crimefighter in later years, but that hasn't stopped him and Spidey from having a number of run-ins since.

We can only wait to see if the Kingpin shows his face again when either "Hawkeye" arrives on Disney+ on November 23 or opposite that wall-crawling menace "No Way Home" on December 17. Maybe the new trailer will include some hints.