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The Office Character That Aries Relate To The Most

One of the elements of "The Office" that made it so appealing to viewers was the fact that — despite its characters' many over-the-top idiosyncrasies and sitcom-situated personalities — they were, on some level, entirely relatable, particularly for those viewers who had worked or were working in an office setting. While John Krasinski's Jim Halpert acted as the audience proxy straight man, Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) alternately embodied everyone's worst and/or most endearingly self-defeating boss. (And as for Angela Kinsey's abrasive, type-A Angela, well, we've all had one of those in our lives.) 

Of course, in any film or series driven by a beloved ensemble cast, there are certain characters to whom we find ourselves inevitably, sometimes inexplicably, drawn. For those early spring rams known as Aries, that particular Dundie goes to none other than Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), the tenacious and competitive beet farmer and assistant (to the) regional manager who eventually worked his way to the upper echelons of the "people-person's-paper-people" company.   

Dwight was equal parts reckless and determined

Hear us out. While Dwight spent most of the early seasons of "The Office" acting as a stock obnoxious foil and on-again-off-again antagonist to workplace heartthrob Jim, by the time his wedding to Angela came around in the two-part series finale, it was a stone-cold heart indeed who hadn't come around on the eventual regional manager. Dwight wasn't a horrible person, but a character whose competitive nature, intense passions (you know, like "Battlestar Galactica"), and fiery personality often pitted him against less confrontational and more obviously likable characters. If that sounds even a little familiar to you, you just might be a true Aries. (Or, at the very least, someone whose moon or rising sign is in Aries). 

As Co-Star Astrology notes, Aries are "unafraid of conflict, highly competitive, honest and direct." (No one could ever accuse Dwight of not being "direct.") Those who identify with this fire sign know exactly what they want, and "throw themselves at the world eagerly and without fear," sometimes to their own detriment. Though Dwight was constantly getting in his own way (this feels like the place for an example, but there are just too many), and often a victim of his own overconfidence and self-assuredness, he was also passionately loyal and driven. Over the course of nine seasons, audiences watched as the odd-ball office soldier managed to make all his dreams come true, despite his very Aries tendency to be "the cause of (his own) own turmoil." 

In addition to his highly competitive streak, Dwight embodied some of the more positive attributes of the ram as well, by "standing out from, and ahead of, the crowd" (as Your Tango says of the sign) in his management of Sabre International's Florida store opening, and by establishing himself as "a go-getter and natural-born leader."

Dwight felt everything fiercely, as do most Aries

Even when his co-workers didn't need, ask for, or want his assistance or leadership — least of all his hero and mentor Michael — Dwight was all too ready to provide it, even at the risk of his own health and safety — see Episode 12, Season 2, wherein Dwight gets a concussion while attempting to save Michael from himself.

Although Aries also have "a tendency to react with frustration and anger at those who question them" (as in, every interaction Dwight's ever had with Jim), they nonetheless "find it difficult to stay unhappy about anything for long," thanks to the childlike optimism born from their unflappable confidence, per YourTango. It's that same optimism that allowed Dwight to be taken advantage of on several occasions by everything from practical jokes to more serious emotional injustices. Moreover, Aries can be "addicted to action and excitement," a proclivity the Schrute Farms owner demonstrated repeatedly. Whether he was breaking into competing branches' offices, engaging in an illicit affair with his engaged co-worker, mandating intense fire drills, or playing police officer on the weekends, Dwight seemed incapable of avoiding excitement and risk for too long, even if he had to create that excitement himself. 

Finally, as Elite Daily notes in "7 Brutally Honest Realities You Need To Know Before Dating A Passionate Aries," people with that sign give their heart away for life despite how love doesn't always come easy for them. Despite the many ups and downs of their relationship, Angela and Dwight ended up together after all — a conclusion any Aries could've told you was coming from the moment they began dating.