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The Office Theory That Changes Angela And Dwight's Relationship

If you're a fan of "The Office," you remember this episode very clearly — the Season 8 finale, "Free Family Portrait Studio." The episode focused on the day where Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) hired a professional photographer to surprise his coworkers with a kind gesture, taking a family photo free of charge. Jim (John Krasinski) automatically believes this is a ploy for Dwight to somehow prank Jim and his daughter. Fortunately for Jim, that wasn't the case at all. Instead, Dwight was trying to obtain a DNA sample from the son of Angela (Angela Kinsey).

What if we told you that the entire scene was a lie, and Dwight made a critical mistake during this episode? According to Screen Rant, some fans are speculating that could alter the path of "The Office" forever. Even superfans can't seem to put two and two together with this idea, which would further prove Dwight is, in fact, the father of Angela's son and not Sen. Rob Lipton (Jack Coleman). 

Check out this "Office" theory that changes Angela and Dwight's relationship.

Dwight is not the father, but still is?

For those who have watched the entirety of "The Office," you know that Dwight ends up being the father of Angela's son, Philip (Vince and Evan Edwards). However, that doesn't necessarily add up when you consider what happened in "Free Family Portrait Studio," when Dwight gets Philip's DNA tested. Fans will remember this scene ending with Dwight finding out he is not the father, but how could this be?

Well, there's a possibility Dwight took the wrong diaper in the bathroom. Angela did everything she could to prevent Dwight from getting ahold of something from Philip, whether it was hair, a fingernail, or a diaper. Considering that several families were around, it's possible Dwight accidentally grabbed the wrong diaper.

If this were the case, Dwight and Angela's relationship would have changed dramatically. The senator would have been out of the picture much earlier, and Dwight's eventual happiness would have caught up to him sooner. In the end, Dwight and Angela end up together as the parents of young Philip, but fans can't help but wonder what could have happened if Dwight had tested the correct diaper in the first place.