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AHS Fans Agree This Is The Best Jessica Lange Cover From The Series

One of the most unusual things about "American Horror Story" is its unexpected inclusion of numerous musical numbers. However, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with producer Ryan Murphy's other projects — especially the campy drama "Glee," which will be leaving Netflix this month.

"American Horror Story" often veered into musical territory during its early seasons, with fan-favorite actress Jessica Lange giving some of the show's most memorable musical performances. With that in mind, Redditor u/RCPB39 created a poll on the show's subreddit asking fans to vote for their favorite cover that Lange ever performed on "American Horror Story."

Fans were given the option to vote between Lange's covers of Lana Del Rey's "Gods and Monsters," Shirley Ellis' "The Name Game," "September Song" from the musical "Knickerbocker Holiday," and David Bowie's "Life On Mars?" Notably, three of the four covers come from "American Horror Story: Freak Show," where Lange portrayed the fame-hungry Elsa Mars, while the poll's fourth option happened when Sister Jude was having her mental breakdown in "Asylum."

With nearly 500 Redditors casting their votes, which Jessica Lange cover did "American Horror Story" fans decide was their favorite?

Jessica Lange's Asylum cover stuck with AHS fans

In a landslide victory, Jessica Lange's cover of "The Name Game" landed at the top of the "American Horror Story" poll. Unlike her polished performances from "Freak Show," Lange's "Asylum" musical number was just a garish figment of her character's imagination. The memorable "Asylum" scene even features Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson's characters dancing with the inmates throughout the quirky performance, all of which took place in the disgraced Sister Jude's mind.

Some fans call it "the best scene in AHS history," while others have admitted that they hate when the show takes a musical turn. On an older thread discussing the show's "Name Game" scene, u/SeriousMichael called the sequence "disturbing" and added that "out of place songs in suspenseful situations are very disconcerting."

However, 215 of the 470 fans who voted on the poll enjoyed Lange's over-the-top "Asylum" performance. One fan, u/Cookie_Brookie, even left a comment saying, "If you chose anything other than Name Game, I'm not sure we can be friends." Elsewhere, some Redditors left comments praising the poll's other options. One user even added that Lange's cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" was another memorable moment. 

With fans heaping so much praise on these musical moments from "American Horror Story," it wouldn't be surprising if the show began to reintroduce this fun trope a little more frequently in its future seasons.