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How Yellowstone's Cole Hauser Sees Rip And Beth's Relationship

"Yellowstone" writer Taylor Sheridan struck gold in the (modern) West when he created one of the series' most compelling draws: The dynamic relationship between Cole Hauser's Rip Wheeler and Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton. Beth and Rip's relationship has imbued the already unpredictable Paramount Network drama with an element both hopeful (in a doomed way) and heartbreaking (in a brilliantly infuriating way). This coupling also saw fans actively participate in speculation about their future and zealously champion them. Some fans on the series' subreddit have even gone so far as to say the duo's relationship is their main reason for watching the show.

But just what, exactly, does the actor who played the beloved Rip think about his character's romance? In a recent interview, the talent behind the surprisingly soft-hearted cowboy-hitman shared his thoughts on the couple's relationship, where it's headed, and what he believes keeps Rip and Beth in each another's orbit. 

Hauser says Rip and Beth are integral to the series' plot

Speaking with Decider, "Yellowstone" star Cole Hauser stated that Rip loves Beth "as everybody knows, unequivocally," and continued, "It's not that Beth can do no wrong, but that she is somebody that he's going to continue to fight for. He doesn't know how to not fight for her." Responding to the outlet's reference to the fact that the duo shares a rocky past they're not "dealing with," the actor went on to explain that Season 4 is "a wonderful year of growth for these characters.

When asked how the couple will cope with the addition of the 14-year-old Carter (Finn Little), Hauser was equally reluctant. (Carter, for those who've yet to watch the series premiere, is a juvenile delinquent whom Beth takes in after his addict father dies). Referring to the couple's navigation of this new third party, he said it's "either going to work and make them better for it, or it's going to make them worse. Obviously, the audience will have to see what happens, but I think that it's a great storyline."

Regarding the notion of a "storyline," Hauser also pointed out to Decider that the couple's relationship is important "not only to the audience but also to the fabric of the show," since it has a ripple effect that "impacts not only John Dutton but Kayce and his wife, Monica [Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille], as well."

For now, fans will have to wait and see how Beth and Rip's atypical love story plays out as the Dutton family rises from the ashes of Season 3 and prepares to do battle in Season 4. While Hauser didn't exactly give anything away, it's clear that "Yellowstone" has plenty of ups and downs in store for audiences' favorite and most potentially explosive couple.