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The Dune Deleted Scene That Should Have Been In The Movie

Fans of Denis Villeneuve's "Dune" have already received the great news that the upcoming "Dune: Part 2" is indeed going to happen. Sure, you still have to wait for a while before it arrives, but you can always console yourself with the fact that there's already plenty of "Dune" material out there that you haven't seen yet. 

In an exclusive interview with Looper, David Dastmalchian – who plays the creepy Harkonnen Mentat Piter De Vries — revealed that a couple of great scenes featuring the character ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor. Likewise, a heartfelt "Dune" scene featuring Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) and Dr. Yueh (Chang Chen) didn't make it in the finished movie. 

It's not exactly unheard of that movie scenes get cut for various reasons. However, what's been revealed of the cut "Dune" scenes so far makes them all seem so delightful, it's easy to hope that they'll eventually see the light of day in some form. However, there's one particular scene that should arguably have been left in the movie, since director Villeneuve himself has admitted that he misses it dearly. Here's the "Dune" deleted scene that should have been in the movie.

Gurney Halleck's moving song

When the director of a movie laments about the cutting of a scene, said scene is probably worth paying attention to ... especially since it features a singing Josh Brolin. In a press meeting about "Dune" (via CinemaBlend), Denis Villeneuve revealed that Brolin's gruff Warmaster Gurney Halleck almost had a moving musical number in the movie, but despite the fact that the director loved the scene, it didn't end up in the finished product. 

"There's a beautiful scene of Gurney Halleck singing, with a beautiful song written by Frank Herbert and Jon Spaihts, and put to music by Hans Zimmer," Villeneuve described the scene. "And it's beautiful. And this is THE thing that I cut out that is still painful to me. When I make a movie, things that I cut out of the movie, they are dead to me. It's like, 'OK, not in the movie? Dead." The song from Gurney Halleck was breaking my heart. And by itself, it's so beautiful. I had to cut it out for numerous reasons. And boy, that was painful."

In fact, Villeneuve teased that the exclusion of the scene from the movie haunts him to the point that he might just work out a way to include it in the since-confirmed sequel. "But, if there's a part two!" he laughed. Fans will have to wait until the second "Dune" movie comes out to find out whether he was actually serious, but we certainly hope that he was.