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The Heartfelt Dune Scene Fans Wish Had Made The Final Cut

After delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, "Dune" is finally out for all to see. Whether you see it on the big screen or at home on HBO Max, one thing is abundantly clear: this is one of the most ambitious and epic science-fiction films to come out in recent memory. It joins the ranks of "Arrival" and "Blade Runner 2049" for grand sci-fi fantasies, which is appropriate enough, seeing how all three of those movies have come from the mind of filmmaker Denis Villeneuve.

But "Dune" consists of far more than pretty pictures set to a breathtaking score. Amid this story of colonizers going to another world to mine it for a valuable resource, there's an emotional core of who's allowed to have control over spirituality and nature. Viewers may be drawn in by the breathtaking visuals, but they stick around for the stellar performances from the immensely talented cast.

It's just a shame not every emotionally-tinged scene could've made it into the final product. Fans of the film have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on one scene that was left on the cutting room floor.

Contains spoilers for "Dune"

A deleted scene added texture to Dr. Wellington Yueh

Based on online chatter, there are quite a few scenes that didn't make it into the final cut of "Dune." It's to be expected with such an adaptation, considering the size of the book and the need to get a movie down to a reasonable length. As posted by Redditor u/BedouinTraveller, one such scene involved Dr. Wellington Yueh (Chang Chen) speaking with Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) about his wife. In the theatrical cut, there are a few scenes with the character and only a couple where he mentions his wife and how she's been held prisoner by the Harkonnens. The deleted scene reportedly would've involved him talking about her and crying, offering a hint of his betrayal later in the film when he sells out House Atreides to the Harkonnens for the safe release of his wife. 

Fans would've loved to see the scene added to the movie, which already clocks in at over two and a half hours. But getting a keener glimpse into Yueh's character would've made his betrayal all the more impactful later in the movie. u/Glenfiddich_18yr wrote, "In the book Yueh is terrified (and justifiably so) that Jessica will learn what he has done simply by drilling into him with her powers, and there is even a part when she suspects he is hiding something because she can sense his hatred when Harkonnens are mentioned."

While it seems unlikely we'll receive a director's cut of "Dune," some remain hopeful one could materialize at some point, with u/The49thwarrior saying, "I really hope we get an extended cut. Can't get enough of his visuals. But it doesn't seem likely." Ultimately, the movie functions well enough without the scene, and fans, by and large, seem to adore the sci-fi epic. That love undoubtedly will only grow if/when we see "Dune: Part 2" come to fruition.