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25% Think This Action Movie Franchise Stands Above The Rest

Whether you love them or loathe them, blockbuster action movies have essentially been the backbone of Hollywood for decades. Given the rate at which studios continue to crank out such fare, they'll likely continue to be for decades to come too. That's not necessarily a bad thing, considering action movies continue to deliver some of the medium's biggest thrills — and make up some of the best franchises you'll find on the big screen these days. 

Of course, some franchises bring the bombast a little bigger and a little bolder than others. However, for all the car-crashing, bone-smashing, gun-wielding insanity every action franchise seems to bring to the table nowadays, everyone has different reasons for thinking one is better than the others.

With that in mind, Looper recently asked users in the United States to pick which action movie franchise they think does big-screen bombast the best. A total of 590 votes were cast in the poll, and its respondents have crowned a slightly unexpected franchise as the current king of the action genre. 

John Wick is the current king of the action movie genre

In the recently conducted poll, Looper asked users to vote their favorite out of seven major action movie franchises, with the choices provided being the James Bond, "Mission: Impossible," "Lethal Weapon," "Terminator," "Die Hard," "John Wick," and Jason Bourne series. Given the high quality of all the offerings, it might come as a surprise to learn that the "John Wick" franchise was, indeed, crowned the winner. What's perhaps more surprising than its big win though, is that the "John Wick" franchise beat most of the other choices fairly soundly — earning 25.59% of the total vote.

The James Bond franchise was the "John Wick" series' only real competitor, raking in a more than respectable 21.36% of the votes and claiming the poll's second-place slot. As for the popularity of the "John Wick" franchise, it really is well-earned, as it's arguably the only series in the poll that has yet to make a misstep. That may change, of course, as there are at least two more "John Wick" films on the way and a handful of spin-offs in the works. But, as of this poll, it's clear that most action movie lovers agree the "John Wick" franchise is three for three right now. 

Outside of the Bond and "John Wick" films, there was little love shown for the poll's other contenders, with none garnering more than 16% of the vote. The "Terminator," Bourne, and "Die Hard" franchises rounded out the top five in that order, while "Mission: Impossible" and "Lethal Weapon" ended up placing the lowest of the bunch.