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We Now Know Whether Alec Baldwin Expects Rust To Resume Filming

The tragic shooting incident at the set of the movie "Rust" has sparked ongoing discussions about the safety of prop firearms on movie sets. The death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after a projectile from a prop gun wielded by actor Alec Baldwin struck her and "Rust" director Joel Souza has led to a high-profile investigation. Thanks to the nature of the tragedy and the fame of the people involved, there's been plenty of press interest, as well.

Baldwin recently broke his silence on the subject and shared new details about the "Rust" accidental shooting, revealing that he considered Hutchins a friend, and that he's been in "constant contact" with her husband, as well as her other grieving loved ones. Now, the actor has weighed in on the movie's future, as well. Let's take a look at when — or, for that matter, if — Alec Baldwin expects "Rust" to resume filming.

Alec Baldwin doesn't think Rust will resume production

Alec Baldwin is rather skeptical about the Western's future, per IndieWire. In fact, the actor's sole comment on whether the production of the movie will resume was quick and to the point. "I doubt it," the actor said, thus expressing a differing view from that of the production company behind "Rust," which has expressed a wish to eventually finish the movie.

Baldwin gave the comment in an apparently improvised roadside press meeting in Manchester, VT. The actor didn't further elaborate on his stance regarding the future of "Rust," but seeing as he's the person who held the gun in the tragic shooting accident, it's perfectly understandable that he might not be particularly keen on returning to wrap up the movie, even if the circumstances would allow it. 

It remains to be seen whether "Rust" does resume production at some point, but the movie's star's comments make this sound fairly unlikely.