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Liam Neeson Re-Teams With The Marksman Director For Thriller In The Land Of Saints And Sinners

Liam Neeson is gearing up to celebrate his 70th birthday in 2022, but the actor has done the opposite of slowing down when it comes to working on adrenaline-pumping projects. After the success of 2009's "Taken," Neeson has been a first pick for many action directors looking for a strong leading man to play a spy, police officer, assassin, or whatever other hero roles they need to fill. Neeson's acting credits are extensive, with films like "The A-Team," "Cold Pursuit," "The Commuter," "Schindler's List" and more. 

According to Neeson's IMDb page, he presently has two films in post-production, two films actively filming, and two films in pre-production. And in 2021 alone, both of his films "The Marksman" and "The Ice Road" have made their theatrical debuts. While "The Marksman" received mixed critical reviews, it was a solid pick for viewers in need of a new Neeson-helmed action flick (via Rotten Tomatoes). Now, the actor is teaming up with "The Marksman" director for yet another high-intensity flick.

Liam Neeson to star as Irish assassin

Neeson will star in an upcoming film "In The Land Of Saints And Sinners" from "The Marksman" director Robert Lorenz (via Deadline). The film will be set in Ireland, with Neeson starring as an assassin who comes out of retirement to track down a handful of deadly terrorists. Production is set to begin in Ireland next year, with Ciarán Hinds starring alongside Neeson. 

Lorenz has a long history of working on action films himself, after producing and directing alongside Clint Eastwood for years. He has credits on major films like "American Sniper" and "Million Dollar Baby" and has been in the industry since the early 90s (via IMDb). Considering the director's work with Neeson before, "In The Land Of Saints And Sinners" has all of the ingredients for a gripping thriller. And it will be another role Neeson can add to his long list of heroes can add to his long-list of heroes he's embodied on the big screen.