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What The Critics Are Saying About A Quiet Place Part 2

"A Quiet Place Part II," the sequel to director John Krasinski's horror hit about a family living in a post-apocalyptic world in which blind monsters with super-adept hearing prey on people who make too much noise, is finally nearing release. The film has taken quite a journey to the screen. It actually had its world premiere in March 2020, just a few days before the United States shut down due to the pandemic, and was pulled from the calendar about a week before it entered wide release. It was postponed until September 2020, then April 2021, then September 2021, before being moved back up to Memorial Day weekend. It was one of the first movies affected by the pandemic, and it will fittingly be one of the first big films released as the country reopens.

But there's a major question that has to be asked: Is "A Quiet Place Part II" worth being the first movie you watch in a theater in over a year (if you haven't gone to the movies in that long)? Full reviews aren't out yet, but the social media embargo has lifted, and critics are sharing their initial reactions to the movie.

Critics can't be silent about A Quiet Place Part II

By all accounts, it sounds like "A Quiet Place Part II" might be even better than the original.

"First time back in a movie theater in 14 months and thankful for the socially distanced seats so I could squirm and cower all over the row during #AQuietPlace2," Yahoo Entertainment's Kevin Polowy tweeted. "I think it was somehow even more intense than the first. You've done it again @johnkrasinski. You've done it again."

"#AQuietPlace2 is great!" Latinx Lens co-founder Rosa Parra tweeted. "Somehow manages to stand to par with its predecessor (I think it might exceed it by a slight margin). As intense and thrilling as the trailer promises. I liked the world expansion and where they took this story. Definitely worth the wait!"

Awards Ace's Erick Weber said the film is basically perfect: "This is how totally kick ass #AQuietPlace2 is: I wouldn't change one single thing about it."

Variety's Jenelle Riley praised the movie as a whole, and gave actor Cillian Murphy — who plays Emmett, a man the surviving members of the Abbott family meet during their travels — a special shoutout. "God I have missed going to a movie theater, eating popcorn, and talking to friends after. Also, if you liked A QUIET PLACE, you're going to loooove A QUIET PLACE II. Now with 100% more Cillian Murphy!!!" she tweeted. 

"A QUIET PLACE PART II picks up where the first film left off delivering more of what made the first so great while expanding the world even more," Next Best Picture's Matt Neglia wrote on Twitter. "Cillian Murphy is a great addition while Millicent Simmonds [who plays Regan Abbott] continues to astound. Sound, score & tension are, no surprise, exceptional."

"A Quiet Place Part II" is written and directed by John Krasinski, and also stars Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott, Emily Blunt as Regan and Marcus' mother Evelyn, Djimon Hounsou in a yet-unnamed role, and Krasinski as Lee Abbott in a flashback to before the killer aliens arrived. It hits theaters on May 28.