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The Parks And Recreation Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

NBC's hilarious workplace mockumentary sitcom "Parks and Recreation" featured a stellar cast of characters, brought to life by an immensely talented group of actors. The staff of the local government in fictional Pawnee, Indiana, were able to make even the most mundane molehill of a problem into a ridiculous and uproariously funny mountain of entertainment. From dragging a relationship problem between Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) into the proceedings of the model United Nations — and ruining everything — to having Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) re-brand fluoride for the sake of tricking the dim-witted local populace into accepting it, the members of the local bureaucracy got up to many a hilarious misadventure.

The seven seasons of success "Parks and Recreation" enjoyed are no-doubt owed largely to the show's eccentric characters, each unique and idiosyncratic in their own ways. Whether it's Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and his secret life as jazz saxophonist Duke Silver, or April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) and her love of animals and outright loathing of human beings, each member of the "Parks and Rec" bunch bring a fun and unexpected quality to the table. Given how vastly different they can be from one another, it's a wonder they complement each other so well.

In considering the differences between the characters on "Parks and Recreation, we set out to match each of them up with a representative astrological sign. Some of them were a natural fit with the descriptions we got from Refinery 29, others required a few creative liberties. Don't worry, the worst character on "Parks and Rec" didn't make the list. Here's the Parks and Recreation" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries is Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope, as played by Amy Poehler, is one of the "Parks and Rec" characters that was super easy to match with a sign; based on the strengths and weaknesses listed on Refinery 29, she's an Aries! Leslie is courageous in standing up for what she believes in and determined to reach her goal, no matter what. She operates with great confidence and is infectiously enthusiastic about even the most inane and boring project. When it comes to being optimistic, Leslie is a starry-eyed idealist who believes if something could be done better, it should be, almost to the point of naïveté. She's mostly honest — but is prone to lying by omission when the whole truth will either hurt someone or put her at a massive disadvantage. Perhaps her most noticeable trait comes in how passionate she is — though such passion for government does make us wonder at times.

On the downside, Leslie also ticks every single one of the Aries weaknesses as well. She's notoriously impatient, even with — or, perhaps, especially with — the people about whom she cares the most. To say she's moody is akin to criminal understatement, though when she's in a foul disposition it's usually because she's not getting her way. Leslie is also short-tempered, prone to flying off the handle when things don't go right and not above calling someone a stupid jerkface when she feels it's warranted. The other side of her excitability is she's incredibly impulsive and aggressive, often following a "Ready, fire, aim" mantra before having all the facts.

Taurus is Ron Swanson

Nick Offerman's character Ron Swanson is also among those that are a natural fit with a particular zodiac sign. Per the descriptors listed at Refinery 29, Ron is definitely a Taurus. Among their strengths, Taureans are reliable, which fits Ron to a T; if Ron Swanson say's he's going to do something, doggone it, he will. He's also mostly patient, though that's occasionally subject to change when he's expected to actually do his job; don't even schedule him for a meeting. Ron is also practical, as evident in his hobby of woodworking. Like a Taurus, he's devoted, both to his friends and to his adoptive daughters. Not only is he responsible, he believes in taking responsibility and — as long as Tammy Two (Megan Mullally) isn't around — Ron is pretty stable. Additionally, Ron is a great lover of the outdoors, a trademark characteristic of the earth sign Taurus, according to Yahoo.

When it comes to a Taurus' negative characteristics, let's just say this sign isn't represented by a bull on accident. Like a bull, a Taurus is stubborn, which could be the first word that springs to mind when considering Ron Swanson. Ron is also possessive, feeling that what's his is his and no one else's business — must be why he's buried stashes of gold throughout his property. We'd imagine negotiating with him gets increasingly frustrating, because he's about as uncompromising as they come on "Parks and Recreation"; don't expect to reach common ground or meet in the middle when Ron is on the opposite side of the table.

Gemini is Ben Wyatt

Affable Ben Wyatt, as played by actor Adam Scott, is represented by the celestial twins, Gemini. According to Refinery 29, Geminis are known for being gentle, which is one of Ben's trademark qualities, given how many times he has to break things gently to wife Leslie Knope; his gentleness made him a master of diplomacy, hence him being courted to run for office by political consultant Jen Barkley (Kathryn Hahn). He's also super affectionate: we lost track of how many times he quit different jobs in order to be with Leslie; he went in on the waffle iron from JJ's diner with Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) because they knew it was Leslie's favorite breakfast spot; he even sacrificed his happiness and broke up with Leslie — temporarily — so she could continue her political aspirations. Like Geminis, Ben is also curious, adaptable, and able to quickly learn and exchange ideas, which is why he's the one who comes up with so many creative solutions the Parks Department team employs.

Ben is not without his downside, of course. His trademark negative trait is likely his timidity, which is fed by a few different Gemini attributes. Common traits include nervousness, which Ben displays every time he has to tell Leslie something he knows she won't want to hear. Ben can also be indecisive, often vacillating between two options: the right one and the one that will hurt Leslie the least. As Refinery 29 lays it out, Geminis can also be inconsistent, but that's certainly not a Ben Wyatt trait.

Cancer is Tom Haverford

Based on the rundown at Refinery 29, we can confidently say Aziz Ansari's Tom Haverford on "Parks and Recreation" is best represented by the constellation Cancer. He embodies each of the attributes they lay out at some point, and most of them pretty consistently. Strengths-wise, Tom is tenacious, pursuing his goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur through multiple avenues, from Tom's failed attempts on "Parks and Rec" to make it into the cologne industry to more successful efforts like Tom's Bistro. He's also highly imaginative, evident in his unique concept Rent-A-Swag, allowing Pawnee's youth to borrow his pint-sized wardrobe of hot gear for a price. Tom is mostly loyal, though his selfishness can sometimes get the best of him — though perhaps that's just him being loyal to himself. He's also highly emotional, brimming with excitement, though his emotions have negative connotations as well. Overall, he's a persuasive individual, which is why he's able to convince Ron Swanson to invest in his business idea — once he drops that clown, Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) as his partner.

Some of Tom's and those of the Gemini sign are counterparts to the positive qualities, representative of the sign's dual nature — twinning! Tom can be moody and is never crankier than when things don't go his way. By the same token, he's prone to pessimism when his various schemes and plots don't go according to plan. Given his nature, Tom can be suspicious; because he's usually got something up his sleeve, he expects others to as well. He's also highly manipulative, trying to convince friends and co-workers to go in on his more ridiculous ideas by preying on their emotions. Like Tom, a Gemini is insecure; that requires no elaboration.

Leo is Andy Dwyer

Chris Pratt's Andy Dwyer character embodies all the qualities Refinery 29 lays out for Leo, the proud lion sign. He's obviously creative, writing incredible songs like "The Pit" and "Sex Hair" — and who can forget "5,000 Candles in the Wind"? Andy is passionate as well, taking on his role as Johnny Karate mainly for the good it does for kids, ignoring the fact that he's getting hosed when it comes to his contract. He's generous, always willing to share what little he has with his friends and loved ones — like that haul he and April took in at the Snake Hole Lounge. Overall, Andy is warm-hearted and cheerful, with his inane, goofball nature enabling him to find a silver lining to the darkest of Pawnee's clouds. He's also rather humorous, cracking jokes to make the Parks Department team laugh — though his antics are often accidentally funny in the form of his comedically bumbling nature.

Like Leo's dark side, Andy can be arrogant, a bit too proud to see the true nature of a situation based on his own belief in himself. He's also ridiculously stubborn, trying endlessly to get Ann back when she's moved on to Mark — at least until he finds his soulmate in April, that is. Despite his inherent generosity, Andy can be self-centered, sometimes unable to see past his own wants and needs to look at the big picture as a whole. As most of Leo's negative attributes are interrelated, he's inflexible, which owes to his stubbornness and ego-centric nature. Andy also has a trait that, like Tom's insecurity, requires no explanation; Leo and Andy are both lazy.

Virgo is Chris Traeger

Based on Refinery 29's descriptors, Rob Lowe's "Parks and Recreation" character, Chris Traeger, most closely aligns with the zodiac sign Virgo. His many good attributes include relentless positivity, though that's not part of the Virgo matrix. Chris is, however, deeply loyal, a trait he displays consistently, whether in his romantic relationships with Millicent Gergich (Sarah Wright) and multiple stints with Ann Perkins or his bromances with both Ben and Andy. He's also highly analytical, which comes in handy as an auditor, which is how he and Ben are first introduced on the show. But since Chris is kind, he focuses on positivity and lets Ben be the perennial bearer of bad news when the dynamic duo needs to send a hard message to poorly budgeted municipalities. He's hardworking by nature, when it comes to helping towns balance their budgets or keeping himself in peak physical condition. Overall, Chris is highly practical and does the best he can to work with what he's got in a given situation.

While Chris Traeger embodies all of Virgo's positive traits — and then some — he doesn't display all of the sign's downsides. Case in point: shyness; Chris is, perhaps, the most engaging character on the show and is never bashful when it comes to striking up a conversation. He is, however, prone to worry; it's his character's central weakness, owing to the rare blood disorder he was diagnosed with at birth, given a prognosis of only three weeks to live. While Chris is a bit overly critical of himself, he's only moderately critical of others and will often find a way to turn someone's faults into attributes. 

Libra is Ann Perkins

We'll be honest; in trying to figure out which members of the "Parks and Recreation" cast most closely matched up with a given astrological sign, there were a few moments of pause. Ann Perkins, as played by Rashida Jones, and Ben Wyatt were both pretty good matches for the sign of Libra, though Ben did have a bit more in common with Gemini, leaving Ann to take the role of Libra, the scales of balance. While Ben is Leslie Knope's husband and the love of her life, Ann is still the yin to her yang. Where Leslie is bullheaded, Ann is cooperative and willing to compromise; it's a result of her diplomatic nature. She's also gracious, kind to all — even April Ludgate, who passionately hates her — and nearly as pleasant to be around as her partner, Chris Traeger. Ann is also fair-minded, which is why she's often able to get through to Leslie and point out when she's in the wrong. She's also a very social creature, able to befriend most people — except April; see above — with ease.

Like Ben — and unlike Leslie — Ann can be indecisive, thought it is often in times of choosing between what's the right course of action and the one which will disappoint Leslie the least. This is owing to her desire to avoid confrontation, much like Ben. Unlike Ben, and very much like Leslie, Ann will carry a grudge if the situation warrants it; she eventually has it out with April, who's jealous of Ann's place in Andy's life. She's also prone to self-pity, lamenting her woes rather than doing something about them.

Scorpio is April Ludgate

Oh, April Ludgate, darkly cynical enchantress of "Parks and Recreation." Aubrey Plaza's character starts out as an intern at the the Parks Department, a duty to which she was assigned because she overslept on the day she was supposed to sign up for an internship. April most closely aligns with Scorpio, a sign that's not without its own dark side. When it comes to strengths, April is certainly resourceful, though she's often marshaling her resources for something mildly sinister. She's also brave, willing to take a leap as insane as marrying Andy after dating for a solid month. April is passionate, especially when it comes for her love of animals and hatred for Ann. She's also quite stubborn by nature, owing to said passion. Above all, April is a true friend to those who've managed to penetrate her rocky exterior and get in her good graces.

April certainly falls prey to Scorpio's weaknesses. On the whole, she's distrusting of just about everyone until they can prove they're worthy of her faith. Perhaps her primary negative trait is her jealousy, brought out most prominently in Ann, who holds a special place in Andy's life, despite the fact that they're no longer together and he's actually married to April. She also tends to be secretive, evident by her hidden desire to go to veterinary school. April can certainly be violent as well, given her vindictive nature and tendency to hold a grudge, though it usually manifests in a shoulder punch rather than full-on physical attack.

Sagittarius is Craig Middlebrooks

Billy Eichner's Craig Middlebrooks may have been a late addition to the "Parks and Recreation" cast but he's certainly a memorable member. Let's be honest, there's no real middle ground with Mr. Middlebrooks; you either loved him for his passionate outbursts or hated him. First introduced in the Season 6 episode entitled "Doppelgängers," Craig is part of the contingent that comes over from Eagleton — as it becomes a part of Pawnee after Leslie Knope convinces the citizens to help rescue their snobby counterparts from the right side of the tracks — and Craig is meant to be a foil to Donna Meagle (Retta). Craig required a bit of thought but we decided he most closely aligns with Sagittarius. 

As a character who might care even more than Leslie, Craig is generous and idealistic. Though it doesn't always get the chance it deserves to shine thought, he also has a great sense of humor, which can be lost in translation when the funny things he does say are shouted at peak volume. Of Craig's downsides, he's woefully impatient, hence the penchant for loud outbursts. By the same token, given his idealism and lack of filter, Craig will say pretty much whatever truth is on his mind, no matter the effect it may ave on those around him; a lack of patience and a tendency to hope for the best do not add up to diplomacy, after all.

Capricorn is Donna Meagle

Per the traits Refinery 29 provides, we've decided that Capricorn is best represented by the affable and resourceful Donna Meagle, as portrayed by Retta on "Parks and Recreation." Like any good Capricorn, Donna is responsible, whether that means getting her job done or looking after her own finances; she does pretty well for herself. She's also disciplined, which comes in handy when working among such a motley collection of hot heads and slackers. Donna has immense self-control, which is why her sharp tongue, though effective, is rarely on display and never makes an appearance out of turn — her private Twitter account notwithstanding. Scorpios are said to make good managers, which is on full display in Donna's tenure as office manager for the Parks Department. 

When it comes to Scorpio's weaknesses, Donna certainly fits the bill on a few notes. Given her disciplined and resourceful nature, Donna can be pedantic and may come across as a bit of a know-it-all. While she's not necessarily unforgiving by nature, it's not always easy to climb back into Donna's good graces when you've messed up. She's also a bit condescending, which can go hand in hand with being pedantic. Like Scorpios, Donna is prone to expecting the worst. We're not really 100% sure on that last one, whether it's part of her nature or something to which she's been conditioned after working in the Pawnee Parks Department for so many years, given how predictably the worst keeps coming along.

Aquarius is Mark Brendanawicz

Like Craig Middlebrooks, Paul Schneider's Mark Brendanawicz was on "Parks and Recreation" for only two seasons, though his impact on the series as a whole is important. As such, he required some creative interpretation when it comes to lining him up with a sign from the zodiac. After due consideration, we posit that Mark most closely aligns with Aquarius. Like Aquarians, Mark is progressive and original, both traits that come in handy as a city planner, though he's grown cynical after years of public service and doesn't always believe that new ideas will work in such an old-school, small-town bureaucracy. He's also independent, though that's less a function of his personality so much as he operates independently from the Parks Department — read: creative interpretation. Mark is, at his core, a humanitarian, which is what drew him into public service in the first place.

Mark's weaknesses in common with Scorpio lie in his penchant to avoid emotional expression. Though he does intend to propose to Ann — who's about ready to dump him, mind you — he's never openly affectionate toward her. He can also be temperamental, which results in his departure from the city planner's office after Ann dumps him, the government is shut down, and a bird poops on his head — inside! — three things he takes as signs it's time to go. Mark is uncompromising in his decision to depart public service and tends to be aloof, given his sporadic appearances throughout the show and eventual departure — it doesn't get more aloof than being just plain gone, does it?

Pisces is also Andy Dwyer

If you've been paying close attention to this "Parks and Recreation" astrological rundown — and are sufficiently versed in the zodiac to know all of the signs — you know there's only one sign left to pair with a character from the show. Pisces, we've got to be honest: we were originally going to shoehorn Bobby Newport — the inept heir to the Newport family's Sweetums fortune as played by Paul Rudd — into the description Refinery 29 gives for your sign. Don't worry; rather than giving Bobby Pisces' positive qualities, as viewed through a sufficiently generous lens, we've decided to double down on Dwyer — Chris Pratt's "Parks and Rec" character Andy Dwyer, that is — who most closely lines up with this water sign. 

Like Pisces, Andy is compassionate, specifically when it comes to adopting three-legged dog Champion. He's also artistic and musical, as seen in his music with the band Mouse Rat. While not particularly bright, Andy is intuitive and can often suss out the cause of or solution to a given problem before his more well-read cohorts. He's also gentle, particularly when it comes to protecting the emotional wellbeing of his friends and loved ones. As for Pisces' weaknesses, Andy is fearful, in the sense that he's sometimes worried he won't make anything of himself. He can tend to be overly trusting, which is why he's such an easy mark for Tom. Especially in the early seasons, Andy is sad, living a somewhat pathetic existence in a tent inside the infamous pit, leading to a desire to escape reality.