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The Best NCIS Episodes To Rewatch According To Fans

After airing for almost two decades, "NCIS" has solidified its place as one of the longest-running crime shows of all time. Fans have loved watching the team, led by Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) go through incredible highs and lows as they close cases on crimes related to the United States Navy. After the announcement of Mark Harmon's exit from "NCIS," it might be time to restart and rewatch all of the best episodes from each season of the show so far, and fans on the show's subreddit have us covered.

User RheaRoyHunter started the thread, asking the "NCIS" fanbase what episodes from Seasons 1-8 they should watch, considering they recently acquired them in a box set. The responses were overwhelming, especially with no criteria as to what deems each episode worthy to be on the list, but we've gathered some of the most mentioned episodes to narrow your watchlist even further.

Fans love Season 3's episode Kill Ari Part 1 and Part 2

Unsurprisingly, the suggestion of the "Kill Ari” episodes that open Season 3 of "NCIS" were listed by multiple users. It follows the aftermath of the last episode of the second season, where terrorist Ari Haswari (Rudolf Martin) ends up killing one of the "NCIS" team members — Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander). The episode deals with the grief of everyone after the events, as well as the ongoing hunt for Ari. We see Gibbs toe the moral line with his desire to kill Ari in order to avenge Caitlin's death.

It's also how we're introduced to future team member Ziva Hadid (Cote de Pablo) and NCIS Director Jennifer Shepard (Lauren Holly), who takes over after Thomas Morrow (Alan Dale) steps down due to the events that unfolded. "Kill Ari Part 2" then continues to provide us with a view into Gibbs' rage and need to protect his team at all costs, even though Ziva would end up being the key to stopping it all. It's one of the most crucial two episodes in the entire "NCIS" series because we are given a look into what happens when the worst possible thing happens: a team member getting killed.

Another two-parter from Season 6 stands out

Users Anxiousrabbit23, youngclarky, and hbkjrt14 all listed Season 6's "Cloak" and "Dagger" as important viewing for any "NCIS" fan. "Cloak" sees another incredibly tough situation for the "NCIS" team, not the death of a team member this time, but one of their own being a mole. Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva are sent to break into a Naval facility as part of a test within a test to discover if there is a mole on the team, given suspicions during prior events in the series. By the end of the episode, Special Agent Michelle Lee (Liza Lapira) is called in by Gibbs and told that she's going to work together with him to find the mole.

"Dagger" picks up right after that, with a plethora of events that take us on a wild adventure to figure out who the mole is after all signs point to Lee, who it ends up being although Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) accuses Gibbs and Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) of treason during their pursuit of Lee. This duo of episodes is well-liked by fans because the premise centers on another personal threat to the team. "NCIS" continues to be a show strong in character relationships, so when that is threatened, it usually makes for a great episode.

The NCIS series premiere is a must-watch

Fittingly, "Yankee White," Episode 1 of Season 1 is included in the must-watch episodes on this thread. Not only is it always important to watch the pilot episode of a series to understand the context of the entire show moving forward, but the first episode of "NCIS" where we are introduced to Gibbs is simply excellent.

On Air Force One, a naval officer dies after having lunch with the President of the United States. Gibbs and the "NCIS" team win the battle between multiple government intelligence agencies to take on the case, and with the help of Caitlin Todd (who was Secret Service at the time) Gibbs and the team thwart an assassination attempt of the President. Not only are we introduced to the entire team and a future member of the team in Todd, but we witness the power and skills of the "NCIS" branch. It sets a "don't mess with us" tone that continues throughout the entire series.

These episodes are certainly some that can't be missed, but die-hard fans on Reddit unanimously recommend watching every episode of every season if possible to get the full effect of these fan-favorite episodes — and we have to agree.