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This Caitlin Todd Moment From NCIS Season 1 Makes No Sense

While the popular CBS crime procedural "NCIS" is going into its 19th season in 2021, the show wasn't a guaranteed hit when it first premiered in 2003. A spinoff of the show "JAG," "NCIS" centers around a team of agents for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service who work together to solve murders and various other crimes connected to the US Navy. Over the years, the show has gathered more and more fans, with many cast members coming and going from the series. As one of the original team members, actress Sasha Alexander plays Special Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd, a new agent to the NCIS after resigning from the Secret Service. Kate quickly becomes a key part of the NCIS team led by Gibbs (Mark Harmon), and the moment when she's killed at the end of Season 2 still pulls at fans' heartstrings, even years after the shock's worn off. 

As many people are spending more time at home and looking for things to do, a lot of "NCIS" fans have took on the challenge of rewatching the long-running series, starting with Kate's appearances in Seasons 1 and 2. While most of this experience is good nostalgia and lots of feelings, some fans are finding a few not-so-fun details, mistakes or things that don't make any sense, and there's a major one involving Kate in the second half of Season 1. 

Fans spot a continuity blunder in Season 1, episode 18, "UnSEALeD"

In the 18th episode of Season 1 of "NCIS," the team is investigating a Navy Seal convicted of murdering his wife who escapes his prison cell at Fort Leavenworth. Unsure where he will go, they track down his wife's parents who have custody of his young son, and Kate goes to protect them in case the Seal, a man named Jack Curtain (Tim Abell), shows up. Well, he does. As the only agent inside the house, Jack gets the jump on Kate and takes her hostage, tying her up in the living room, and here's where fans noticed some issues. After tying her hands behind her back, Jack gags Kate with a cloth. While the first shot of the gag appears clean and tight, the camera jumps to another angle that shows the two ends of the tie poking out, before cutting back to the original, neat positioning (via Express). 

While mistakes like this are common in shows and movies, this one is a bit more glaring do to the stark difference in the gag's positioning. To make matters worse, fans of "NCIS" went on to find further continuity mistakes later in the episode. At one point, the team goes to interview a woman married to Jack's commander, who happens to be in the middle of a tennis match when they arrive. As they talk, the tennis racket switches sides a couple of times in between shots, while a later scene does the same with another prop. Thankfully, it appears that "NCIS" got better at catching these small issues as the show went on, but Season 1 definitely let a few small mistakes slip through the cracks into the final aired episode.