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Squid Game Director Teases A Potential Focus Of Season 2

Netflix's "Squid Game" is the smash-hit South Korean dystopian thriller series that's currently projected to become Netflix's most-watched show of all time. After premiering on September 17, the nine-episode first season has gone on to become the top-ranked show in all 83 countries where Netflix provides service (via ABC News). With numbers like that, it's highly likely that "Squid Game" will return for Season 2. While a second season likely won't be available for some time, it's never too early to start thinking about what's next.

"Squid Game" Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger that gives a pretty good indication of where Season 2's story may be headed. One year after winning the deadly series of children's games and receiving the grand prize of $38.3 million, protagonist Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) has become disillusioned with the whole enterprise. The Season 1 finale ended with Gi-hun calling the wealthy organizers of the Squid Games and vowing to take them down. Season 2 will most likely follow Gi-hun on his quest for revenge but, in a recent interview with the U.K. outlet The Times, "Squid Game" director Hwang Dong-hyuk teased the possible return of another Season 1 character.

Squid Game Season 2 could focus on The Front Man

While speaking with The Times, "Squid Game" director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed which character he'd bring into focus in Season 2. The director shared, "If I do get to do one [more season] — one [idea] would be the story of the Frontman [a former cop who now oversees the game]."

The Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hun) is the enigmatic, black-masked organizer of the games. For most of Season 1, he's a menacing presence who runs the games and entertains the VIP clientele. But, in Episode 8, the Front Man reveals himself to be Hwang In-ho, an ex-police officer and brother to Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon), the renegade cop who travels to Squid Island to search for him. On top of this, we learn In-ho is the previous winner of the games.

Presumably, Season 2 would focus on how In-ho came to be involved in the contest, how he won, and how he decided to join forces with the shadowy elites who run it. Hwang Dong-hyuk also said Season 2 would continue exploring the show's themes of societal inequality and the systems that prop it up, specifically law enforcement. "I think the issue with police officers is not just an issue in Korea," Hwang said. "I see it on the global news. This was an issue that I wanted to raise. Maybe in Season 2, I can talk about this more."

The Squid Games are one giant metaphor for wealth inequality, with desperate people literally gambling with their lives for the amusement of the rich. Based on Hwang Dong-hyuk's comments, it sounds like the authorities might be aware of the games or even condone them. If so, Gi-hun's Season 2 mission just got a lot tougher.