Wonder Woman Fights Back In New Teaser

You're going to know her name. A new teaser for DC's Wonder Woman shows the heroine unleashing her power on the battlefield, proving that she will leave her mark on the world.

The teaser, which aired during Monday night's episode of Gotham, doesn't include much new footage, but it does include a few glimpses of moments that we haven't seen in the film's trailers and TV spots thus far. The footage begins with Diana jumping into the ocean to rescue Steve Trevor, the American pilot who crash landed near the shores of Themyscira. "Have you never met a man before?" he asks her. "What about your father?" "I have no father," she answers. "I was brought to life by Zeus." The words are played over images of a young Diana riding a horse and an older Diana training for battle.

"The gods made the Amazons to restore peace to the world, and it's what I'm going to do," Diana says, over pictures of her in battle using her signature weapons. "Well that's neat," Steve responds. The teaser then moves into Steve introducing Wonder Woman to London (which she is not a fan of), while including a few images of Diana in street clothing expertly taking down a room of men.

The rest of the teaser focuses mostly on Diana in battle, showing a few quick new glimpses at the film's intense action scenes. (Some of which star Gal Gadot did reshoots for while five months pregnant!) "Who is this woman?" someone can be heard asking. "You will soon find out," Diana responds. The teaser ends with the funny clip of Lucy Davis' Etta Candy suggesting a plain clothes Diana put her sword away, since it "doesn't go with the outfit."

While the new teaser doesn't offer much new footage, the tantalizing small glimpses it gives at the film's battle scenes should definitely be enough to keep fans buzzing for a while. The teaser's release also hints that marketing is finally starting to step up for the film, which has been fairly under the radar until recently, leading to some accusing DC of trying to bury the movie. Still, with TV spots and merchandising starting to be unleashed, Wonder Woman appears to finally be getting ready to burst onto the scene. The movie is due out June 2; while we wait, read up on the character's dark history.