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Easter Eggs You Missed In The Wonder Woman Trailer

At long last, the first full-length trailer for Wonder Woman has arrived, and when we say "at long last," we're not even remotely kidding. Seriously, think about how long the world has been waiting for a feature-length Wonder Woman film, and now it's here! Unsurprisingly, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are featured heavily in the trailer, since they're playing Diana and Steve Trevor, respectively, but there's more on display than these two longtime love interests, and we've done our best to pull out a few of the highlights for you.

The movie maintains Steve Trevor as the first man she's ever seen

The trailer opens with an unconscious Steve Trevor lying on a beach, with Diana kneeling beside him looking at him in—no pun intended—wonder. When he wakes, she says softly, "You're a man," to which he replies uncertainly, "Yeah, do I not look like one?" For those who've read or seen the various versions of Wonder Woman's secret origin, Diana's answer to this question should be a resounding "I wouldn't know." See, when Trevor finds his way to the shores of Themyscira—the population of which is completely female—it's at a point when Diana has yet to leave home. For a red-blooded American male with decidedly heterosexual tendencies like Trevor, it's no wonder that Themyscira has been referred to by another, less formal name: Paradise Island.

Diana's origin story confirms she was created, rather than born

Wonder Woman's original origin story involved her being molded out of clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, after which she was given live by the gods of Olympus. Over the years, that's been tweaked repeatedly, with more recent incarnations painting her as being the actual daughter of Zeus. Although we're only theorizing, it seems that the screenwriters have opted to split the difference, given Diana's remark to Trevor that she has no father, but was brought to life by Zeus. There may be more to the story, of course, but at the moment, it's nice to see that they seem to be trying their best to please Wonder Woman fans of all generations.

Etta Candy, Steve's secretary, has been a character since 1942

Her look has changed rather dramatically over the course of her long history as one of Wonder Woman's supporting characters, but Ms. Candy actually made her debut in Sensation Comics #2, in February 1942. Given that Wonder Woman herself only debuted in December 1941, you can see how just how long Etta and Diana have been palling around. Regarding her look, Ms. Candy was—to be perfectly frank—rather rotund in her earliest incarnation, with her last name an overt nod to her love of sweets. Over the years, she's shifted her weight around a lot, but it's notable that the film seems to be drifting away from plump in favor of frump, which isn't the worst decision in the world. They do seem to be keeping her hair color red, so kudos for that consistency at least.

Wonder Woman DOES have her famed Golden Lasso

At the moment, we obviously don't know when the Golden Lasso falls into Diana's possession—maybe it's something she's had all her life, or maybe it's something she's given during the film—but at the very least, this trailer's made it clear she has it, and uses it. She's proudly got it on her hip while striding into battle, so beware to all those who would dare to tell her untruths.

The jury's still out on her invisible jet, however. Fingers crossed that it made the final cut.

There will be a World War I battle on Themyscira

"From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of ... Themyscira?" Funny, we don't remember the Marine Corps hymn going quite like that, but based on the several-second shot of doughboys battling Amazons, it's pretty clear that there's some sort of skirmish going on during the War, and it's a boys vs. girls scenario in a big way.

Danny Huston might be playing Ares, the God of War

You won't be surprised to learn that DC is playing things pretty close to the vest in terms of Wonder Woman's specific plot, so all we know about Danny Huston's role is that he's wearing the uniform of a German officer. and looks none too thrilled to see Diana. Many theorize that Huston is giving her that glowering look because he's playing Ares, the God of War, a character who, in the comics, spends a lot of time doing whatever he can to start wars among humans (rather predictable, given his name). So is he to blame for World War I? Well, let's just say that if he isn't, we won't be the only ones who've guessed incorrectly.