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Wonder Woman TV Spots Reveal David Thewlis' Character

Diana Prince is ready to save the world in two new Wonder Woman TV spots. The clips unveil loads of footage that hasn't been seen in the two trailers thus far, including a look at David Thewlis, who many believe is playing the villainous Ares.

Thewlis pops up in the first spot, which you can watch at the top of this article, in a clip with Diana and Steve that reveals how the hero got her alias. As Steve hedges on how he knows Diana, she takes the matter into her own hands, saying, "Diana, princess of Them–" and gets cut off by Steve, who says, "Prince. Diana Prince."

While their conversation is cute and highlights a witty repartee between the two, the real draw of the clip is Thewlis, who appears in normal garb as part of the group's conversation. Steve refers to him as "sir," indicating that he has some sort of higher up position, either in society or in the army, which hints at his power. His nondescript regular clothing also means that it may be hard for Diana to identify the true identity of the villain she is facing, if Thewlis really is playing Ares. While the TV spot doesn't reveal for sure if Thewlis is secretly embodying the God of War, it does give at least a hint at his mysterious character, as well as providing a few new action clips featuring both Steve and Diana.

The second TV spot, released on director Patty Jenkins' Twitter account, potentially gives an even better look at Ares, showing Wonder Woman fighting someone who appears to be the God of War in costume. (You can see the clip around the 0:11 mark.) Other than that, the clip also provides lots of as yet unseen action shots, including another look at Danny Huston (another potential Ares candidate), who Wonder Woman punches through a wall in the epic shot that ends the clip. You can watch the clip at the bottom of this article.

While the Ares mystery remains unsolved, the new TV spots do offer a glimpse at another of the film's characters and give us enough new images of Wonder Woman kicking butt to get us even more excited for the movie's release. Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, is due out on June 2. For now, see some of the Easter eggs you missed in the film's trailer.