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The American Horror Story Season That Has Grown On Fans The Most

After 10 years and a new spin-off series, "American Horror Story" has explored dozens of terrifying subjects. Each season of the anthology series showcases a new theme, from killer clowns and conspiracy theories to summer camp slashers and prodigious vampires. With 10 unique seasons under their belt, inevitably some fans aren't impressed by every iteration.

Because of the constantly changing themes, it's easy to compare seasons that have the same campy tone and use a recurring ensemble cast. However, critics have noted that "American Horror Story" consistently struggles with unnecessarily complicating the plot and running out of steam before reaching the finale. Fans may agree with that sentiment, but some have had a change of heart on seasons they'd previously written off.

One fan on the show's subreddit posed the question, "Which season has grown on you the most?" They answered "Freak Show," saying, "it was my least favorite season, now it's in my top 4." On the thread, fans reflected on their initial opinions of seasons that they later rewatched or simply reconsidered and grew to enjoy.

So which season of "American Horror Story" do most fans find growing on them?

Checking back into the Hotel Cortez

In true "American Horror Story" fashion, fans responded to the prompt with seven of the ten seasons. Only "Asylum," "1984," and "Double Feature" were left out of the 'I used to hate it but now I love it' discussion.

One season came up the most, though: "Hotel." This was the first season without the legendary Jessica Lange, and many fans were hesitant to accept oddball pop star Lady Gaga as their new leading character. But the sleazy, haunted hotel with its Addiction Demon, lovable bartender, and bloodthirsty residents slowly grew on fans.

One user said that they had previously "hated" Season 5 but now appreciate the soundtrack and horror movie references sprinkled throughout. Another said that they had given up on "Hotel," only returning three years later for the sake of completing the "American Horror Story" franchise. "It's actually a really strong story," they said. "Just needed some patience."

"I don't know why when it was airing I didn't love it but it's my favorite season hands down and I've watched it about 4 or 5 times," wrote u/skeeetwoodmac.

Love it or hate it, "Hotel" is quietly rising in popularity among "American Horror Story" fans.