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Here's Why Fans Only Liked AHS: Hotel After Watching It A Second Time

FX's ambitious anthology series "American Horror Story" is known for the terrifying, mysterious tales it tells over the course of several episodes each season, typically with a core cast of recurring actors and actresses like Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, as well as legends of the screen like Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange.

While each season is a chapter entirely unique and self-contained as its own viewing experience, there are some interesting tie-ins and revelations that warrant a second viewing for each season — though undoubtedly for some more than others. For example, a recent thread on Reddit points out that fans generally like "AHS: Hotel" more after watching it a second time all the way through.

If you're scratching your head as to why the fifth season of "American Horror Story" (per IMDb) deserves to be re-watched, we've got the scoop as to why fans liked and appreciated "AHS: Hotel" more after re-bingeing the season.

Watching AHS: Hotel a second time made fans like the season even more

The Reddit thread "What's a season that you hated at first, but then loved after giving it another chance?" created by u/Queenpluto6 sheds some light on why fans liked "AHS: Hotel" so much more after their second time watching it.

The thread's creator gave a pretty thorough explanation of their opinion, writing, "For me it was 'Hotel.' The first episode I was like, what is this? ... Then I rewatched it and realized it's in my top three. Lady Gaga is a real good actress, she has so many good lines. Liz Taylor is my favorite and her ending makes me cry every time. The Devil's night episode is such a cool idea. The music throughout the season is perfect. And I've grown to love John Lowe and the 10 commandments killer storyline."

u/Queenpluto6 wasn't alone in their love for a re-watch of "AHS: Hotel."

Fans on Reddit talked about why they liked rewatching AHS: Hotel

Several other Redditors agreed with u/Queenpluto6's opinion that they liked "AHS: Hotel" much more after a second watch.

For instance, Redditor charminglegend wrote, "'Hotel!' Watching a second time helped me understand it a lot better and it became one of my favorites." Another, ahs_hailey , concurred, saying, "100% 'Hotel.' I was really confused when it first started because it felt like they just threw everything in there, but as the season wrapped up it went in my top 3 for the series."

Redditor letmeseeyourphone wholeheartedly agreed, noting how the second time watching "AHS: Hotel" affected its ranking in their personal list of favorite "AHS" seasons, writing: "For me it was 'Hotel' also. Now it's my favorite season." With such solid recommendations, maybe it's time to revisit the Hotel Cortez for a more thorough second viewing. Who knows — you might just end up rediscovering your new favorite season of the beloved Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk-created TV show.