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Virgin River Fans Just Got The Most Amazing News

Hold on to your hats, "Virgin River" fans — some amazing news was just announced regarding the show's future.

Fans were left teetering on the edge of a cliffhanger during the show's Season 3 finale as nurse practitioner/midwife Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) told her once-again boyfriend Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) that she was pregnant. She had no idea if the baby was the result of IVF treatments she'd undergone with her late husband's frozen sperm or her repeated sexual encounters with her live-in lover Jack., and all of this just came after Jack proposed to her.

She wasn't the only person left dangling in space. Doc waited anxiously for Hope to come out of surgery after the latter was involved in a life-threatening car accident on her way back to town after spending the majority of Season 3 in South Carolina. Ricky not only signed up to join the Marines without telling Lizzie first, but he learned he would be stationed in either South Carolina or San Francisco for basic training, and Lizzie reacted by leaving town with Parker. Charmine told Jack that she and her new husband, Todd, intend to seek full custody of the twins she is currently carrying (which happen to be Jack's biologically...and allegedly), Brady was arrested on suspicion of being the person who shot Jack back in Season 2, and Christopher's biological father broke into Preacher's house.

It looks like fans will definitely receive a solution to all of those plotlines thanks to a new announcement.

The "River" will flow on for a good long while

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "Virgin River" has been renewed by Netflix for Season 4 and Season 5. That means you're guaranteed to get two more rounds of soapy action from those impassioned Northern California folks.

The renewal is likely a big thrill but also no big shock for fans of the show, who have regularly rocketed it to the top of Netflix's viewing charts. According to TV Line, the whole series peaked in viewership numbers this year, managing to accrue 2.1 billion minutes during the week of July 12-18, 2021, making it the most streamed show in America according to the Nielsen ranking listing. Those are solid and impressive numbers any way you slice them.

Henderson and Breckenridge gathered to shoot a spoof of the Season 3 finale, which was posted to the show's official Instagram as a way to announce the renewal to the show's fanbase. There's been no announced return date for "Virgin River," but now fans definitely know they can plan on binging more of the program in the near future.