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Why Bianca Kittles From Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Looks So Familiar

The 2008 comedy "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" has recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity on Netflix. The film stars Martin Lawrence, in the midst of what was at the time a mid-career slump, as talk show host RJ Stevens, born Roscoe Steven Jenkins Jr. Roscoe lives under an assumed name not just because of his career in entertainment but due to some interpersonal tension between him and his father (James Earl Jones).

This comes to a head when Roscoe brings his wife and son Jamaal (Damani Roberts) to his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Midway into the gathering, Roscoe reveals that he resents his father for offering what he perceived as preferential treatment to his cousin Clyde (Cedric the Entertainer) who grew up in their household as well after losing his father. Before Roscoe acknowledges this outright, he and Clyde compete against one another in an obstacle course, at which both men seem to want to win at any cost — in Roscoe's case, the price of winning becomes abandoning Jamaal as he struggles to overcome one of the course's obstacles.

Roscoe is encouraged by none other than his wife, Bianca Kittles, to leave Jamaal by the wayside and ensure he wins the competition. Over the course of the film at large too, Bianca pushes Roscoe to resent and abandon his family. This ultimately leads to Roscoe leaving her upon reconciling with his father.

Bianca is portrayed by actor Joy Bryant. If she seems familiar, it's likely from one of the following roles.

Joy Bryant portrayed Cheryl in Antwone Fisher

While Denzel Washington may be primarily known for his storied acting work, he's released three films as director, too. Before "Fences" and "The Great Debaters," Washington helmed "Antwone Fisher," his directorial debut.

The titular character in the film is based on a real-life security guard at Sony Pictures, whose tumultuous upbringing producer Todd Black first thought to adapt into film. Soon after the project's inception, he brought on Washington as its director.

The role of Antwone Fisher is portrayed by Derek Luke in one of his first performances. Joy Bryant plays Cheryl Smolley, Antwone's love interest and eventual significant other. Antwone and Cheryl first met in the Navy, in which Antwone enlists in hopes of introducing some semblance of order into his life. In the latter half of the film, Antwone attempts to confront his traumatic childhood by contacting his adoptive parents and attempting to reconnect with his birth parents. Cheryl accompanies him on this journey, proving to be key in his psychological healing.

Bryant played Charlene in Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Rapper 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, is also a bona fide actor, credited with roles like Kanan in "Power" (a series he co-created) and an appearance in the upcoming "The Expendables 4". His first acting job outside of starring in music videos was the lead role in "Get Rich or Die Tryin,'" a film based on his real-life story (via Variety).

Jackson portrays Marcus Greer, nicknamed Young Caesar, who becomes involved in the world of drug dealing from a young age. Eventually, after a run-in with the police, Greer decides to pursue a career as a rapper. However, his lasting ties to the cutthroat drug trade threaten to infringe on his artistic ambitions.

As a child, Greer has a crush on a girl named Charlene. Though their respective families separate the two of them as kids, they reunite as adults and enter into a proper relationship with one another. Upon her reintroduction in adulthood, Charlene is portrayed by Joy Bryant. Greer and Charlene remain romantically linked until the film's bombastic climax and triumphant ending.

Bryant portrayed Jasmine Trussell on all six seasons of Parenthood

Season 1 of the 2010 "Parenthood" TV series introduces Jasmine Trussell, portrayed by Joy Bryant, as a woman with whom Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard), one of the series' central characters, once had a one night stand. When they meet up in the series' present, Jasmine reveals that she has a son, Jabbar (Tyree Brown), and Crosby is his father.

At first, Jasmine simply hopes that Jabbar can get to know his father better. Eventually, a genuine romance develops between her and Crosby, though their relationship quickly becomes complicated by Jasmine taking a job in New York, far away from Crosby's California home. As the series progresses, the two of them are alternatingly brought closer together and pushed farther apart, before ultimately making the decision to marry at the end of Season 3. Jasmine takes the surname Trussell-Braverman, and her storylines from then on become focused not on her attempt at building a family but at thriving in her newfound family life.

Joy Bryant is Jayda Crawford in Ballers

Joy Bryant joined the cast of the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson-starring football drama "Ballers" in its Season 4 premiere as Jayda Crawford, the mother of quarterback Quincy Crawford (Eli Goree), one of the biggest prospects coming out of high school. While financial manager and series lead Spencer Strasmore (Johnson) considers whether or not to sign Quincy as one of his clients, he enters into a romantic relationship with Jayda, a single mom and public defender by trade. It's ultimately that relationship that pushes Spencer to work on ensuring Quincy has a prosperous college career.

Their relationship ends up becoming serious enough that Spencer starts to refer to himself as Quincy's uncle amidst their business dealings. However, the fling between Jayda and Spencer doesn't last beyond the confines of the fourth season, at the end of which Spencer secures a broadcasting contract with USC in exchange for Quincy's commitment to the school. As such, Bryant's tenure on "Ballers" ended following the Season 4 finale.