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Prometheus Unleashes His Fury In Arrow Season 5 Trailer

The last five episodes of Arrow's fifth season are going to be intense.

In a new sizzle reel for the remainder of the season, The CW show teases violence, broken relationships, epic showdowns, and some pretty huge character returns amidst the climax of Prometheus' plot to break Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

The trailer starts with Oliver telling Prometheus that he's won. "It's over," he says. "What did I ever say to give you that impression?" Chase replies. It then goes on to highlight something that Oliver has known for a long time: everyone he loves will have to suffer because of the sins he commits. "I was willing to do whatever it takes to save this city, and that created him," Oliver says about Prometheus.

The trailer also highlights the growing conflict between Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and the rest of the team. "I thought we were on the same side," Diggle (David Ramsey) says to her. "No, John," she replies. "I'm on the side that's gonna put Chase away."

However, it appears that not all will be bad on the Felicity front, as there is a quick glimpse of a near-kiss with Oliver that should get shippers everywhere very excited for what's to come. (It could be a flashback, though, as the May 3 episode is set to focus heavily on the two's relationship and could include older looks at the pairing.)

The footage features some pretty big returns, including Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law), who will have a big fight with her sister Talia (Lexa Doig). "We have unfinished business," she teases.

Also shown is the return of Katie Cassidy's Black Siren, who will be a series regular next season. The character appears to have a bit of a beef with Laurel's father Quentin (Paul Blackthorne), chaining him up and walking away. She'll also face off against the new Black Canary (Juliana Harkavy).

The biggest return, though, is teased at the end of the trailer, with Oliver going back to the island to talk to Deathstroke (Manu Bennett). "Hey kid," Slade tells him. "I'm glad you came back."

Arrow airs on Wednesdays on The CW. While we wait for this season's epic conclusion, find out how the show changed the characters' looks from the comics.