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The Vampire Fan Theory That Could Change Everything On AHS: Double Feature

The two-episode premiere of "American Horror Story" Season 10 is now available to watch, and boy, is there already so much going on. "AHS: Double Feature" stars many beloved alumni who've appeared in multiple seasons of the popular horror anthology, including Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, and Finn Wittrock, to name a few. The mysterious teaser posters for the new season had fans at a loss as to what the plot would be — aliens, sea monsters, and creepy beach vibes will somehow be central to the two-part season — and it's turning out to be a twisted story as expected.

The first half of "AHS: Double Feature" is dubbed "Red Tide," and tells the story of Harry (Wittrock), his pregnant wife Doris (Rabe), and their daughter Alma Gardner (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) who move to a picturesque beach town so Harry can focus on his writing. They soon realize the quaint town has terrible secrets lurking beneath, and when Harry meets some eccentric locals who offer to cure his writer's block, things take an even more creepy turn.

The introduction of Sarah "Belle Noir" Cunningham (Conroy), Austin Sommers (Peters), and other locals like the promiscuous Mickey (Macaulay Culkin) have added a more sinister feel to the town, and fans have a theory that may connect "AHS: Double Feature" to the rest of the "AHS" universe.

The bloody truth behind AHS: Double Feature

Fans of "AHS" know that Ryan Murphy has a thing for connecting different seasons together, like the epic mix of different characters in "AHS: Apocalypse." Season 10's blood-sucking beings have fans theorizing that they may have something to do with the vampires we met back in "AHS: Hotel."

In a Reddit discussion of Season 10 Episode 2, a user named u/Impressive_Pirate_66 wrote "Anyone else half hoping they connect the vampire-ish creatures from Hotel to this? Like maybe this Chemist used their blood and altered it in some way to create the pill? Or studied its properties and tried to synthetically mimic the unique properties to fit her own needs?" The Chemist in question hasn't been seen on-screen yet, but they are the mysterious person who created the little black pills that give Henry his much-needed creative drive. The only catch is that those who take the pill have to drink human blood since the pill steals your nutrients, and Harry eventually gives in and joins Belle Noir and Austin on their blood-drinking escapades.

And of course, the vampires in "AHS: Hotel" refer to Lady Gaga's character The Countess, and the dozens of others who were afflicted with the ancient virus that gives people the gift of immortality, at the similar price of needing to drink human blood.

Could The Chemist have gotten their hands on the blood from the "AHS: Hotel" vampires, or perhaps otherwise learned about their virus and its positive effects? We'll have to stay tuned to find out. 

Further connections between AHS: Hotel and Double Feature

A different Reddit user, u/sadgirl45, proposed that maybe Season 10 actually took place before the events of "AHS: Hotel," and this is the origin story of the vampiric beings. This is intriguing since different seasons have been connected in different orders from when they first premiered, and it would make for an interesting origin story — especially considering how erratic the "AHS: Double Feature" vampires seem in comparison to the ones in "AHS: Hotel."

On the other hand, it may seem more plausible that "AHS: Hotel" took place before "AHS: Double Feature," since The Countess was alive way back in the 1920s — but it looks like there may be an interesting cross-over character introduced later on in Season 10. "AHS" alumni Denis O'Hare is set to play a character named Holden in "Double Feature," and while there's no information about the character yet, there was, in fact, already a character named Holden in the "AHS" universe — Holden Lowe (Lennon Henry), the young boy abducted by The Countess and turned into a vampire.

Although Holden was a vampire and therefore undead and not aging, it's an interesting callback to "AHS: Hotel," and has the potential to lead to a bigger connection between that season and "AHS: Double Feature."