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Nearly 29% Will Miss These 2 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters The Least

Well, it's almost time to say goodbye to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." What began on Fox in 2013 will end on NBC when the eighth and final season of the quirky cop comedy begins on August 12. Over the years, fans watched Andy Samberg's Jake Peralta grow from an immature slacker into a slightly less immature, slightly more motivated slacker. We giggled each time Terry (Terry Crews) set his pectorals a-dancing. We admired Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully's steadfast laziness, battled nausea over Boyle's (Joe Lo Truglio) culinary adventures, and pitied Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) having to keep these oddballs on task.

Recently, Looper fielded a well-organized survey, which would make Melissa Fumero's Amy Santiago quite proud, asking Americans which "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" characters they'll miss the least. While the results of the 636 responses are fairly equally divided among the series' main cast, two characters tied for first place, each winning 14.47% of the vote. Without further ado, here's the breakdown of who will be missed the most and who viewers are ready to leave behind.

Fans will miss Terry, Jake, and Scully

With only 10.06% of the vote, the character viewers will have the hardest time saying goodbye to is Mr. Pecs himself, Terry Jeffords. First as a sergeant, then as a lieutenant, Terry endeavored to ensure his detectives stayed safe, worked hard, and closed cases. Given the members of the unit, his efforts had varying levels of success. Though he has his own quirks, like consuming vast amounts of yogurt and talking in the third person, Lt. Jeffords is arguably the most rational and centered member of the Nine-Nine, though the bar is set pretty low.

Next, with 10.69% of the votes, is Jake Peralta. It's no shock that respondents are going to miss the series' lead character. There's something about Jake's near-constant optimism and boyish exuberance that is as contagious as it is humorous. Though some were initially resistant, Jake's annual Halloween Heist eventually won over his Nine-Nine colleagues. And who didn't love seeing Jake's daddy issues on full display? Okay, Captain Holt may not have loved it as much as we did.

According to 12.11% of respondents, Detective Norm Scullly (Joel McKinnon Miller) is the character they'll miss the least. From his numerous (and stomach churning) medical issues to his beautiful operatic voice, Scully has no problem sharing himself entirely with his coworkers — often to their dismay. Though some might write Scully off as a lazy desk officer taking up space until retirement, they're clearly overlooking his impressive coffee-making skills. And if you think sitting in a chair all day is easy, Scully will happily prove you wrong just as he did Detective Diaz.

Fewer tears will be shed for Rosa, Amy, and Hitchcock

Speaking of Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), she and Sergeant Santiago both earned 12.26% of the respondents' votes. Together in the middle of the pack, the two ladies of the Nine-Nine brought very different styles to the team. Rosa is best known for her cold, stoned-face demeanor and stiff resolve. With the exception of coming out to her parents as bisexual, Rosa met every challenge thrown her way, including dating the unstable Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas).

Amy, on the other hand, is much more tightly wound. Her devotion to organization, while admirable, often left her at her own wit's end. Thankfully for her blood pressure, dating slacker Jake helped overachieving Amy loosen up while she, in turn, helped him grow up. For much of her early story arc, Amy was obsessed with earning Holt's respect and praise, though over the years she's come to realize that he always thought highly of her. Hopefully, before we say goodbye to Sgt. Santiago, we'll get to see Ten Drink Amy.

Though his partner only earned 12.11% of the vote, Detective Michael Hitchcock received 13.68%, making him the third least-missed character from the series. Much like Scully, Hitchcock has made an art of finding the least strenuous option in any situation. The six-times divorced detective has a tendency towards lewd comments and jokes that would be a human resources nightmare in any real workplace. While his shine has dimmed over the years, Hitchcock was once a top cop, and he even holds the precinct's record for most arrests.

Viewers aren't going to miss Holt or Boyle

Tied for first place as the two characters survey respondents will miss the least are Captain Raymond Holt and Detective Charles Boyle, who each earned 14.47% of the vote. We're a bit worried how Charles will take the news due to his low self-esteem and endless need for approval, which may be why he's tied for the top spot. Thankfully, Jake's partner and best friend has a wide family network of Boyles — including Cousin Susan! — to help ease the rejection. But, then again, Charles may be tougher than we think. He's shown courage when others cowered, and he's about as loyal a friend as one could hope for. Before "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" turns off the lights, we hope Charles will finally take down his nemesis, Lt. Peanut Butter.

Chances are good that when Captain Holt finds out he will be one of the least missed he'll launch into a well-worded, monotone monologue about potential faults in the survey. Of course, Holt is used to adversity: he was a Black, gay police officer in New York City in the 1970s and '80s. While that experience likely helped shape the overly stoic man he became, his time commanding the Nine-Nine worked to soften some edges. On several occasions, Holt matched Jake's exuberance, even dubbing himself "Velvet Thunder." It's likely, though, that Holt will never know about the survey. He and husband Kevin will be too busy posting pics on Instagram of their corgi, Cheddar.