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The Glaring Editing Mistake You Missed In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show that understands the investigative nature of police work. Since 2013, the Golden Globe-winning series has followed the titular New York City law enforcement department as they've solved an abundance of mysteries and provided plenty of laughs along the way. It goes without saying that the Nine-Nine is a formidable team of crime-fighters, but some of the show's fans could give the characters a run for their money when it comes to detective skills.

Terry (Terry Crews) might be one of the force's most reliable and experienced detectives, but that doesn't make him perfect by any means. For a start, he eats a lot of yogurt, which isn't always the healthiest choice of snack, even if it's arguably the most delicious. He's also forgotten his colleagues' names in the past, but that wasn't exactly a creative decision.

Every once in a while, gaffes tend to find their way into episodes of long-running shows. They're easily overlooked for the most part, but eagle-eyed fans will always spot them.

Terry Crews said the wrong name in one Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode

In the season 5 episode "Bachelor/ette Party," the male members of the team head out for Jake Peralta's (Andy Samberg) stag night, hoping for some drunken fun. Of course, the gang makes the mistake of letting Charlie (Joe Lo Truglio) plan the party, which leads to the festivities becoming more complicated than they should be. Basically, Charlie stages a scavenger hunt/fake kidnapping for Jake, Terry, and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) to solve, but the hilarity that ensues might not be what the episode is remembered for.

As ScreenRant pointed out, one Redditor noticed a slip of the tongue by Crews during a scene that sees his character ranting about Charles. Terry calls him Joe, the actor's real name, instead of the character's name. The mistake went unnoticed by the show's editors, presumably because Crews spoke so fast that it went over their heads. It's also possible that the creators left it in intentionally to emphasize Terry's cranky feelings at the time, but considering that the episode's subtitles cite Charlie's name instead, that's unlikely.