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Adam Driver's New Centaur Commercial Has The Internet Divided

When you think of memorable commercials, what comes to mind? Perhaps one of the many ridiculous car commercials that are floating around the internet, or any of the creative Super Bowl commercials that air each year. There are even animals who turn into overnight celebrities from their time on air, like the cat in Chevy's new commercial.

One of the newest commercials to send the internet buzzing stars Adam Driver, known for his portrayal of Kylo Ren in several "Star Wars" films as well as Charlie Barber in "Marriage Story." Driver is overwhelmingly beloved by fans, and his stints on shows like "Saturday Night Live" have helped cement him as a fan-favorite actor, even if he's exhibited some questionable behavior on set.

Regardless of what you may think about Driver, his newest commercial will likely leave you at a loss for words. In the new ad for Burberry's Hero fragrance, Driver takes the form of a mythical creature, and it's left the internet divided.

Fans are perplexed by Adam Driver's fragrance commercial

The Twitter account @FilmUpdates shared a commercial for Burberry Hero, in which Driver stars and FKA Twigs' song "Two Weeks" plays in the background. The ad itself is beautiful, set on the beach right as the sun sets. Things start out normally enough, with Driver running on the beach then jumping in the ocean for a swim. Suddenly, a horse appears in the water beside him, and the two swim together before seemingly morphing into one creature and standing on the beach as a centaur. The only words Driver speaks come at the end: "Burberry Hero, a new fragrance for men."

Fans were quite understandably perplexed by the commercial. A Twitter user named @ryan_bloxham tweeted "Cologne ads never make any g****** sense," to which we can only say, agreed. 

Some were confused about what even happened in the advertisement, like @shaydie who asked, "WTF? Did he have a baby with a horse?" 

While many of the comments on the ad expressed a mix of bewilderment and exasperation, there was another group who seemed to find it much more ... enchanting.

Other fans like Driver's new look

Another group of fans seemed to think Driver's Burberry commercial was the opposite of off-putting. 

A Twitter user named @LizaElizaeliza shared their befuddlement at still finding Driver attractive despite his new equine physique. They wrote, "I think SNL needs to do another one of these for Driver," with a photo that reads: "Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?" It seems like much of Twitter agrees with the sentiment. 

User @Bullletsponge also shared their confused feelings, tweeting, "this is the dumbest/greatest commercial ever!"

Another user @whoamivwai1 similarly wrote "what is happening? His weirdness quotient is going up! But we like it (I think?)"

Some fans admitted that although they enjoyed a shirtless Driver, the commercial itself was a bit too over the top — like @46HappyMom who conceded, "Too strange for me even though Adam is hot." 

On the other hand, some fans simply won't let an unfortunate morphing get in the way of their love. User @PC70593782 wrote, "I don't care if it's weird, that man is breathtaking."

All of the applause for Burberry's marketing team, who definitely got people's attention.