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People Are Loving The Cat In Chevy's New Commercial. Here's Why

Once every four years, people gather around their televisions to watch the world's greatest athletes compete in basketball, gymnastics, and more. While some obsess over the Olympics to witness the peak of human physical condition, others become invested for an equally valid reason — the commercials. 

Much like the Super Bowl, companies view the Olympics as a prime opportunity to unleash their latest ads. After all, there are millions of eyeballs glued to the screens, so a slew of funny and/or inspirational ads end up making their way to the forefront. As expected, Chevrolet has a new commercial, and it's making big waves ... just not for the reason ad executives likely thought.

Unlike the Chevrolet Bolt EUV commercial earlier this year, where people obsessed over the song, people have paid close attention to one of the cast members from the newest Chevy ad. Namely, Walter the Cat has stolen people's hearts. Walter goes on a journey with its owner in a new Chevy, all while acting incredibly dog-like. It's adorable, funny, and has everyone on social media talking.

Walter the Cat has become the unofficial mascot of the Olympics

People on the internet love cats; there's no secret about that. Throw in a cat that doesn't behave like a cat, and you have a surefire method of getting people to talk about your product. That's the case with the Chevy ad featuring Walter the Cat, where the fuzzy guy does everything you'd expect a dog to do, from herding farm animals to chasing a stick into a lake. The result has been overwhelmingly positive praise.

All you have to do is search "Walter the Cat" on Twitter to find people losing their minds over the iconic feline. Some of the phrases you'll find describing Walter the Cat include "really funny" and "worth the view." @coco_beeware goes so far as to say, "@ChevyTrucks please make more Walter the Cat commercials. I love Walter." @RC_Epi echoes those ideas by declaring, "The real star of this #olympics is Walter the cat." Fans of Simone Biles may disagree with that statement, but honestly, Walter the Cat is easily in the Top 5. 

It's just lovely to see that in an increasingly polarizing world during a time where nations compete against one another, we can all still come together to laugh at a cat acting funny.