Gal Gadot Talks About How Wonder Woman Was Her Dream Role

Wonder Woman was the role that Gal Gadot has always been waiting for– she just didn't realize it. In an interview on set of the character's upcoming stand-alone film last year, Gadot told reporters that, when Diana came along, she realized that it was the part she had been looking for for years.

"Somehow I think that I always wished to play Wonder Woman without even knowing it myself," Gadot said (via The actress said that she used to travel to Los Angeles, meeting with producers, writers, and directors who would ask her over and over again what her dream role was.

"I kept on saying I'm open to all genres as long as the story is interesting enough," she said. "But if you're really asking what would I like to do is show the stronger side of women because I feel that there's not enough stories being told about strong women, an independent woman, and little did I know that five years later I land the part."

Gadot debuted as Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and is set to reprise the role in a stand-alone film due out on June 2, 2017. She will also appear in Justice League, due out November 17. Gadot cited Diana's power and depth as her reasons for being attracted to the role. "I really love Diana, I love everything about her," she said. "I love the story: she has a heart of a human being, powers of a goddess and a very wise brain so it is everything. I love her."

Wonder Woman will show Wonder Woman's life as an Amazonian princess interrupted when American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash lands on her island and tells her about the devastation of a world war, leading her to leave her home to fight for peace. Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and David Thewlis also star in the movie, which was directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster) off a script from The Catch's Allan Heinberg and DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. While we wait for more Wonder Woman, see every movie that DC has planned.