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How American Horror Story Fans Would Rewrite Coven

Since "American Horror Story" is an anthology, meaning each season tackles a different story, there are definitely some seasons that stick out from the others. One of fans' consistent favorites is "American Horror Story: Coven," which is the third season in the horror series.

It follows a group of women who are direct descendants of the historical Salem witches. The current-day witches come together in New Orleans at a mysterious boarding school called Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, where they learn to hone their powers and grow together as a coven. Aside from trying to find their places in the world, the cast of "AHS: Coven" also deals with toxic coven dynamics and powerful enemies at almost every turn.

Fans love "AHS: Coven" for its killer outfits, stunning cast, and altogether entrancing story — and it was chosen above the other "AHS" seasons as the one season fans would rather live through. Despite its critical acclaim and cult following, there are a couple of things fans would change about "Coven" if given the chance.

Coven fans might make some changes to the hierarchy and add a wedding

In a popular thread on the "AHS" subreddit, a user named u/OedipusCapulet asked fans of the series how they'd rewrite any chosen season of "AHS." Though "Coven" was one of the least-mentioned seasons on the thread, a couple of fans had constructive criticism to share. A user named u/Mrblorg suggested amending the hierarchy at the core of the coven, writing "The Supreme is replaced by a 'High [priest/ess]' it wouldn't come with extra powers. (It would be something Fiona wouldn't be interested in too much responsibility and no fun)."

Fans of "Coven" will remember that much of Fiona Goode's (Jessica Lange) character arc and storyline had to do with her mission to maintain control of the coven — so if a less glamorous type of "leader" took the place of the Supreme Witch title, it might've made life at Miss Robichaux's a lot more peaceful. Another user named u/clarasaurus simply wrote "idk just give [Cordelia] and misty a proper wedding," showing their love for two of the most popular characters from "Coven." 

Overall, fans didn't have many suggestions for changing "Coven," which serves as yet another example of how it's perhaps the best-loved season out of the entire show.