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The Most Controversial Moment In American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story is known for its controversial moments that shock, scare, and disgust viewers. Now that there are nine seasons, it's pretty apparent what audiences will get when they decide to watch, but all the way back in season 3, things were a bit different. AHS: Coven is jam-packed with questionable scenes, paired with an academy full of witches. In the very first episode, the show depicted a group sexual assault, as well as the revenge the victim takes on her attackers afterward.

But this scene isn't the only one that shocked viewers. Even though Coven is considered one of the better seasons in the series, there was a lot of shock and outrage in response to a scene with Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) and Bastien the Minotaur (Ameer Baraka), whom Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) once enslaved hundreds of years before. Some fans watch the show for scenes that push the envelope, but Coven pushes it to the extreme.

Queenie and Bastien the Minotaur

When Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) sends Bastien to capture and kill the racist LaLaurie at Miss Robichaux's Academy in the episode "The Replacements," Queenie intervenes and tries to stop it by engaging in a sexual act with him. She tries to connect with Bastien and let him know that she understands his rage because of what LaLaurie did to him and the rest of her captives in the 1800s, but ultimately, things go very wrong. Even though Queenie is a skilled witch, she never saw the direction the situation would take. She ends up getting slashed in the stomach by Bastien, which nearly kills her. It's quite interesting that Queenie would do ... all that ... just to save someone like LaLaurie.

Again, there are a lot of situations in Coven that are on the cusp of what should be on television and what shouldn't be, but the sex scene with Bastien the Minotaur is by far one of the worst in the season and the series.