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What American Horror Story: Murder House Did Best According To Fans

While fans eagerly anticipate the release of Season 10 of FX's "American Horror Story," there couldn't be a better time to fondly look back on past seasons — we have to get through the wait somehow! From the campy slasher story of "1984" — our highest ranking "AHS" season — to the ultra-disturbing sanitarium of "Asylum," "AHS" has delivered some serious scares. And who could forget the season that started it all, "Murder House"?

"Murder House" has some intrinsic merits. As the first season of "American Horror Story," it introduced the concept of a horror anthology series to a lot of viewers, eased them into the layered and complex plot lines we've come to expect from Ryan Murphy, and bonded the cast of the show, ensuring great chemistry in seasons to come. But the pilot season also deserves credit for what it actually did well — not just how it served the future — and "American Horror Story" fans recently took to Reddit to recognize its strong points.

Murder House had a classic horror feel and steady pacing

Although critics were split on "Murder House" — particularly on whether the story successfully balanced its many plot elements or seemed to be cramming things in carelessly — "American Horror Story" fans online commend the season for its comparatively more focused, pared-down story than those of later seasons. Reddit user theralphamale kicked off the thread by celebrating the plot of "Murder House," saying that the season had the "best consistency and buildup in storyline. Each episode built upon the other and the season finished in a classic, complete, and timeless way." The high praise didn't stop there. User VeryGreenGreenbeans echoed the original poster: "Classic, best at delivering that classic horror movie feel I think." 

A final kudos of note came from user shelleyshocked, who wrote that "Murder House" is "a fan favorite for a reason. Very well paced and set a great foundation for the rest of the show." We couldn't agree more. While some AHS fans agree with the critics' negative reviews of "Murder House," it's undeniable that the success of the pilot season paved the way for their favs to be produced.