Vacation Friends - What We Know So Far

Temperatures are on the rise, baseball season is in full swing, and tentpole properties are flooding movie houses everywhere. That can mean only one thing — Summer, Summer, Summertime is officially in bloom across the lands. And even if some are still a bit hesitant to hit the road on the theoretical downside of the pandemic without end, the folks behind "Vacation Friends" are looking to remind them that summertime typically means vacation time with the streaming release of their sunny new comic misadventure.

As it is, we're betting you maybe don't have "Vacation Friends" on your "Must-see Movies of the Summer" list just yet because, well, that list is likely top-heavy with heavyweights like Marvel's "Black Widow," James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad," and Nia DaCosta's "Candyman." But you might want to slot "Vacation Friends" onto the list sooner than later as it's shaping up to be one of the summer's dark horse comedy hits. Here's everything we know so far about "Vacation Friends."  

When will Vacation Friends be released?

First things first, if you're wondering when and where you'll be able to watch "Vacation Friends" when it's released, the film is slated to make its premiere on Hulu later this summer. As with many of the other films being released this year, "Vacation Friends" was also intended to be released sooner, but its 2020 production was delayed due to pandemic-related concerns (per The film was supposed to get a theatrical release, too, but as noted by Deadline, 20th Century Studios apparently decided to partner with Hulu for distribution instead, hence the film's direct-to-streaming release.

That news will no doubt be just fine for those who are still wary of hitting the multiplex this summer, as they'll now be able to get down with the hilarious vacation vibes of "Vacation Friends" in the comfort and safety of their own homes. As for the exact day that they'll be able to do that, "Vacation Friends" is slated to hit Hulu on August 27, so mark your calendar accordingly.

Who will be in Vacation Friends?

It's a safe bet that basking in the summer sun on a sandy beach will be a welcome indulgence for most folks this year. But if you can't make it to the beach yourself, you may as well dig those coastal vibes with the cooky cast of "Vacation Friends." The producers on "Vacation Friends" could not have assembled a more fun-loving group for the film. Fronting the crew is none other than Mr. John Cena, who's become one of the preeminent comedic talents in Hollywood since leaving the pro-wrestling circuit to become an actor. Joining Cena in "Vacation Friends" is Lil Rey Howery, who broke out big a couple of years ago with a scene-stealing turn in "Get Out" and got seriously crazy alongside comedic madman Eric André in this year's "Bad Trip." Rounding out the cast of the film are the boundless talents of Yvonne Orji from the HBO hit "Insecure" and Meredith Hagner, who recently found a breakout role of her own on the lauded neo-noir millennial farce "Search Party."

As for who's working behind the camera on "Vacation Friends," the film is being helmed by Clay Tarver, who's spent the last few years garnering big laughs alongside Mike Judge as a producer and director on the HBO hit "Silicon Valley."

What is Vacation Friends about?

Now that you know the when, where, and who of "Vacation Friends," you might be interested to know what the film is actually about. The title pretty much explains the major plot point of the film, as "Vacation Friends" is about a pair of couples who share some laughs while kicking back on vacation. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film finds Howery portraying Marcus, the uptight and overworked owner of a construction outfit who jets off to Mexico for some much-needed downtime with his fiancée Emily (Orji). There, they meet party animals Ron (Cena) and Kayla (Hagner), with the couples embarking on a week-long bender for the ages.

The plot thickens months later, however, when Marcus and Emily are set to tie the knot and are shocked to see Ron and Kayla show up for the nuptials uninvited. From there, "Vacation Friends" delves into the age-old question of whether or not the unexpected relationships we forge on vacation are actually worthy of continuing once we get back to the real world. And you'd better believe with the talent "Vacation Friends" is fronting, that exploration will likely be the comic event of the summer.