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The Monster American Horror Story Fans Want To Finally See In The Show

There are plenty of ghouls, monsters, and demons that pop up throughout all the different tales "American Horror Story" has told so far. Characters like Twisty the Clown in "Freak Show" and the brutal Addiction Demon in "Hotel" have haunted viewers ever since they butchered their victims on-screen for the first time. But that's all part of the fun of watching the show — discovering the delightful monstrosities that Ryan Murphy and the "AHS" creative team have cooked up.

Diving into each new "AHS" season is always a treat because the marketing material often shies away from revealing what the season is truly about. Sure, the trailers feature snippets of footage from the upcoming season, but the most interesting teasers and posters throw out the typical approach. Instead, they focus on a specific creature that briefly terrorizes viewers for a few seconds, advertising the nature of the season rather than explicitly showing off what's to come.

This has backfired a little, however. As cool as those mini-vignettes of horror are, they often feature things that don't actually show up in the series itself. Fans have been disappointed by this trend, mainly because one specific monster looks like it could have plenty of potential if it was given the spotlight to terrorize audiences like it deserves.

It's a tall, creepy monstrosity

As noted in a post on Reddit, a number of promos for individual seasons like "Freak Show," "Roanoke," and "Apocalypse" have featured creatures that look quite similar. They're all a little bit different in their own way, but they share defining traits that would be interesting to see unfold if they haunted a new cast of characters.

The first image in the Reddit post stands out from the rest of the promo stills, however, as it's taken from a teaser for "Roanoke" that shows a pale creature with glowing eyes crawling along train tracks. The other images in the post show off tall, intimidating creatures with long black arms and sharp nails. "They only use this monster for advertising, but I wish they put it in the show," the original Reddit user wrote.

This intimidating spindly figure is largely so creepy because the posters don't show off its full form. But that's what makes certain things scarier, isn't it? By seeing something's full form, the horror and terror can (sometimes) be taken away by it because then you know what it is. There's nothing scarier than the fear of the unknown. If Ryan Murphy can figure out a way of terrorizing fans with this recurring creature without actually showing its full image, it could be a haunting experience.