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AHS Fans Agree They'd Want To Be This Character's Sidekick

The question of "Would you rather?" is synonymous with sleepovers and game nights, often provoking silly questions with even sillier answers. Would you rather be able to fly or teleport? Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands? For fans of the FX anthology series "American Horror Story," though, one "Would you rather?" question on the show's subreddit required fans to weigh their options more heavily than the usual light-hearted surveys might require.

A poll run by u/New-Monitor7273 asked fans to choose who they'd rather be the sidekick to: the cunning Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) from "Cult" or the wicked Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) from "Apocalypse." It's a difficult choice between a suburban cult leader or the bringer of the End of Days, but fans were quick to side with one of these evil men.

So, with which villain would "American Horror Story" fans rather team? It wasn't even close.

Cult vs. Apocalypse

In a landslide victory, Michael Langdon won 244 of the 330 votes. The top comments on the thread pointed out how "unstable" Kai Anderson is, with u/mickey_777 saying, "Seeing what Kai did to his sister and Gary, his most loyal follower, I'd have to say Michael."

One user voted for Michael because he "would show (them) his powers and (they) could bond," while Kai's sociopathy would interfere with making a genuine connection. As u/Prodigal_Son22 said, "It really says a lot when the literal Antichrist possesses more empathy than you."

Not all fans were focused on the evil attributes of these characters. u/Flollycats pointed out Michael's devilishly good looks, solidifying their choice with a heart-eyes emoji. Interestingly, no one discussed what their evil sidekick duties might entail. Perhaps it's for the best to not ask yourself if you're willing to join the ranks of these villains.

If Michael Langdon ever returns to the "American Horror Story" universe, his legion of supporters will be standing by to join the dark side. Unfortunately for Kai Anderson, he'll have to keep campaigning for support.