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The Best American Horror Story Villain, According To Reddit

"American Horror Story" is known for its complicated, sometimes sympathetic villains. Most seasons have people switching allegiances, and even the heroes do some pretty despicable things. Characters like Sister Jude on "Asylum" transform from grim enforcers of an oppressive medical industrial complex, to victims of that same system she wants to uphold. And sure, the Countess on "Hotel" murders many people, but she was usually trying to preserve her quirky little family of ghosts, murderers, and bloodsuckers.

A redditor created a poll to determine the fanbase's favorite "main villain," one who drove most of the season's plot. They identified by googling "AHS [insert season] Villain" and grabbing the top result. The list includes people that definitely straddle the villain/antihero/antivillain line that creator Ryan Murphy loves so well. Tate Langdon is a spree killer (and sired the antichrist), but he's also such a soft boy. Marie Laveau is a voodoo priestess with unmatched powers who has an eventual change of heart regarding the witches she normally despises. But one villain came out ahead as the clear fan favorite.

Fiona Goode reigns Supreme

Reddit's undisputed favorite villain was Fiona Goode, the scheming Supreme of Season 3. "AHS: Coven" was a pivotal season. It brings Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett into the fold, it set up witches as a force to combat all the evil of the universe within "AHS," and it gave us some of the best GIFs the internet has ever seen.

Fiona tries every way possible to hold onto her position as Supreme of the Salem Coven. She kills the old Supreme to secure her title and isn't above committing more murder to keep it. Fiona helps and slaughters the students at Miss Robichaux's Academy in equal measure. But when she realized her own daughter was to become the next Supreme, she stopped fighting fate.

Fiona was played by the grand dame of "AHS," Jessica Lange. Lange was instrumental in the first four seasons of "American Horror Story," playing characters that included nuns and circus folk. She stepped away from the series after "Freak Show" but briefly reprised her "Murder House" character when "Apocalypse" visited the antichrist's childhood home. Lange won an Emmy and a Critics Choice Award for her portrayal of Fiona Goode, just one more reason why Reddit argued for Fiona as the best villain of them all.