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The Ending Of Summer Camp Island Explained

"Summer Camp Island" is one of the most magical animated series on HBO Max. Featuring an elephant named Oscar Peltzer (currently voiced by Antonio Raul Corbo) and his best friend Hedgehog (Oona Laurence), the enchanting show follows the two 11-year-old best friends as they embark on tons of adventures during their time at a magical summer camp. They meet friendly monsters, popular witches, and tons of other fantastical beings, making plenty of friends (and even a few foes) along the way.

Season 4 of "Summer Camp Island" recently premiered, and fans are loving it. A Twitter user named @des_loch summed up how plenty of other fans are feeling about the newest season: "If you haven't yet I highly recommend watching Summer Camp Island. The whole show has been great and cozy so far and season 4 just dropped and it is absolutely phenomenal." Here's everything that happened at the end of "Summer Camp Island" Season 4, and what that means for the campers' future.

Oscar conquers his superstition

It's no secret that Oscar is a bit of a nervous guy. This is perfectly exemplified in Season 4 when Hedgehog explains that Oscar pretends to faint when he gets scared — but keeps one eye cracked open. Throughout the series, many of Oscar's storylines revolve around him conquering a fear or trying to be courageous, and Season 4's "Hark the Gerald Sings" is another example of his trying to be braver. Except in this episode, he seems to really make progress.

In Season 4 Episode 11, Oscar's superstition that he has to eat breakfast before 9:30 in the morning leads him to being anxious and paranoid when his meal is delayed. His superstition eventually manifests into a little nervous creature named Gerald who personifies Oscar's inner fears. While it seems at first that Gerald is unconsolable, Oscar is able to handle him once he realizes where the superstition originated — Oscar's grumpy aunt used to threaten that bad things would happen to him if he didn't finish his breakfast before 9:30, and Oscar held on to that subconsciously for years.

Once Oscar realizes the source of his superstition, he's able to conquer his anxiety about eating breakfast at a specific time. At the end of the episode, Oscar tells Hedgehog "So I realized, I can just let the scary and the not-scary live together, as long as we understand each other" before admitting that he didn't have to banish Gerald altogether. He's learned to live with him, and it's a symbol that Oscar is learning to truly manage his fears and anxiety in a healthy way. The moment of growth is huge for Oscar, and hopefully means he'll be able to continue facing his fears in the future.

Hedgehog learns how to fly

Hedgehog has been learning to become a witch for the last couple of seasons, and she finally made some progress in Season 4 Episode 12 "Hall of Mooms." Though the head counselor/witchy leader Susie McCallister (Julia Pott) confiscated Hedgehog's wand in Season 3, she gives Hedgehog an almost-as-cool surprise in Season 4 — her very own witch broom. Hedgehog brings Oscar along on a trip to meet a broom maker, and the kind craftsman helps Hedgehog learn more about her magical ancestry as well as her own inner power.

With her new broom in hand, Hedgehog quickly gets the hang of flying, and even takes Oscar aboard to fly home after their exciting day. Since she was able to pick up this skill in a short amount of time, it's exciting to think about all the things she'll learn in the future. Here's hoping Susie will trust Hedgehog enough to return her wand so she can get some magic practice in.

Pepper goes to Susie's house in the fog

The very last episode of Season 4 is titled "Pepper and the Fog," and is about just that — the little panda named Pepper Corn (Julian Edwards) makes his way to Susie's house with a poem he's written for her, only to get lost in some fog that's covering the whole island. He meets some interesting island-dwellers along the way — including a river siren who wants to be in commercials and a thieving foghorn — and at one point it seems like he'll never make it.

On his journey, Pepper meets a rabbit who loves rhyming and guides a towering staircase into the clouds. He follows the stair rabbit up for what seems like miles until suddenly he and the rabbit have turned into clouds, and even other campers notice the seemingly familiar cloud forms in the sky. Pepper floats down to Susie's house and finally delivers the letter, and Susie reacts kindly to him even though she's obviously very sleepy. What does the episode mean, and why did we follow along on this winding journey?

For one, "Pepper and the Fog" was another fun look at the types of beings who inhabit Summer Camp Island. Though we've already met tons of monsters, aliens, and even ghosts, the island obviously has tons of other residents we couldn't even imagine.

It was also endearing to see Susie being so kind to Pepper. Since she's usually the sassy (and sometimes mean) girl on the island, it looks like she's finally warming up to the other campers and becoming a better friend. It'll be nice to see Susie get closer to Oscar and Hedgehog too, especially as Hedgehog learns more about being a witch.

You can catch up on all the fun adventures on "Summer Camp Island" which is now streaming on HBO Max.