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What You Need To Remember Before Watching Summer Camp Island Season 4

Originally a Cartoon Network series that premiered on the channel in 2018, "Summer Camp Island," now an HBO Max Original, is about to premiere its fourth season on the streaming platform, scheduled to come out on June 17, 2021. The show is set in a magical world filled with anthropomorphic animals, on an island where many different types of creatures run wild and go on adventures. 

At the center of the story is an elephant named Oscar, currently voiced by Antonio Raul Corbo, and his best friend Hedgehog, voiced by Oona Laurence. Both 11-years-old, the two friends attend the titular summer camp together, and over the course of the show's three seasons so far, the duo make new friends, go through a few important transformations, and have a lot of fun.

Although Season 3 of "Summer Camp Island" only came out last December, there's a lot that happens in the first three seasons to keep in mind when you start watching the new episodes. Here's everything you need to know before tuning in to "Summer Camp Island" Season 4.

Best friends Oscar and Hedgehog live on the magical Summer Camp Island

Oscar and Hedgehog are at the center of the story in "Summer Camp Island." They have a very strong friendship, so much so that Oscar has a hard time doing things if Hedgehog is not at his side. Over the course of the first three seasons, he slowly starts adapting to the new environment and learns to help himself when Hedgehog's not there for one reason or another. Both protagonists are originally from New Jersey, and they don't really know what to make of their summer camp when they first arrive.

Throughout the show, fans learn some important details about both Oscar and Hedgehog, like the fact that Oscar is lactose-intolerant and tone deaf, while Hedgehog is more outgoing and has a crush on another camper named Max (Ramone Hamilton). In Season 1, episode 18, "Hedgehog Werewolf," Hedgehog gets bitten by a werewolf and turns into one permanently. From that point forward, Hedgehog experiences a transformation at every full moon and goes off to do things with the other werewolves on the island. As for Oscar, he's also magical. At the end of Season 2, it's revealed that Oscar is a glow worm, meaning he can give magic to other creatures and make good things happen whenever he is kind or happy.

The island is filled with witches, monsters, and plenty of other fantastical creatures

Along with werewolves and glow worms, the island also has many witches, which include all the camp counselors, as well as plenty of other unique species of creatures. There's a group of nice monsters that Oscar and Hedgehog regularly hang out with, yetis, ghosts, elves, non-binary aliens, talking pajamas, giants, dragons, and the list goes on and on. Oscar and Hedgehog also have a lot of friends at camp based on realistic animals like them, including Pepper the panda, Lucy the aardvark, Betsy the horse, Alexa and Lem the giraffe sisters, and more.

If you listen closely, you might notice that there are many very well-known actors voicing some of the characters. The most familiar include Whoopi Goldberg as Barb Goldberg, an elf that Oscar and Hedgehog are friends with, Elijah Wood as an adolescent yeti named Saxophone, Melanie Lynskey as the Sun, Cedric the Entertainer as the Moon, and Richard Kind as Dr. P Shark, a therapist shark that lives in a pool next to Oscar's cabin. This is also the first cartoon voice acting reunion of Lynskey and Wood, who starred in the 2014 Emmy-winning animated miniseries "Over the Garden Wall" together.

Along with this already expansive array of creatures from the depths of our imagination, Season 4 of "Summer Camp Island" is sure to surprise fans with some new characters as well.

Hedgehog is training to be a better witch than Susie

"Summer Camp Island" is very similar to shows like "Regular Show" and "Adventure Time" in that every episode has its own story and adventure, but there are major storylines that carry over throughout the episodes and seasons. In this series, one of the biggest storylines is Hedgehog's journey to become a witch. Over the course of Seasons 1 through 3, Hedgehog has been training diligently, and in Season 3 she finally gets her wand. But unfortunately, Hedgehog's goal is consistently challenged by camp counselor Susie (Julia Pott), who is often mean and bossy with both Oscar and Hedgehog. This leads the best friends to feel a strong need to always one-up Susie, which Hedgehog aims to do by becoming a better witch than her.

Going into Season 4, Susie has taken Hedgehog's wand after seeing her using magic spells, afraid that she is too inexperienced and will create trouble. Along with that, Hedgehog and Susie have to spend a lot of time together, as Susie's friend and fellow witch Ramona (Lesley Nicol) orders Susie to be Hedgehog's magic teacher. There's still a lot of tension in their relationship, but the two have already started to learn from each other. As for Oscar, he just wants to outsmart Susie, which he often tries to do no matter what the situation is.

Rest assured that the campers' antics will continue on in Season 4 of "Summer Camp Island."