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The Best Time Dr. Robert Ford Ever Broke Character On Westworld

As the wait for "Westworld" Season 4 continues, it's the perfect time to dive back into the hedonistic park and pick up on all the clues, hints, and hidden details that creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have wove into the robotic revolution. Thus far, the series has toyed with some fascinating psychological themes that the original 1973 film (directed by "Jurassic Park" writer Michael Crichton) only touched on: "Westworld" dissects moral dilemmas over whether violence on synthetic beings is wrong, while also exploring the loss of self and identity through the eyes of hosts like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandiwe Newton).

All this is to say that "Westworld" is a very serious show, filled with adult themes and violence in most episodes. And on the odd occasion that it has a funny line, it's usually some kind of sarcastic retort or casual act of violence rather than the hosts telling jokes or spitting out one-liners. But that doesn't mean the cast and crew didn't have fun while making the HBO series.

In fact, one of the funniest moments, behind the scenes, actually came from Dr. Robert Ford, aka Sir Anthony Hopkins himself — who "Westworld" fans will know is one of the most solemn characters in the park, after his years bringing the hosts to life.

A whimsical dance

Anthony Hopkins is one of the most beloved actors of his generation, and for good reason. He's brought such depth to a number of complex characters — with most people instantly thinking of his haunting performance as Hannibal Lecter. His intelligent charm and gravitas made him the perfect choice to play Ford, the Delos Park Director. He doesn't feel the need to compromise on his vision for the various storylines unfolding throughout the park, and if anything, he works against the company itself.

Which makes a certain clip from the "Westworld" blooper reel even funnier, as Hopkins brings his bright personality to a dark and dingy laboratory. The star doesn't have any lines in the footage, but he dances through the set with such eccentricity – he couldn't be further from his character in the series. Acting! If you follow Hopkins on Instagram, this is just the type of thing he does on a regular basis — so clearly he's not just putting on a show for the sake of it.

In that regard, it's a shame Ford was literally killed off at the end of "Westworld" Season 1, and his digital presence put in the brain of Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright). But who knows, maybe he's got another ghost in the machine hidden elsewhere.