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The Scene In Westworld That Went Too Far

HBO has spent decades delivering television for mature audiences. Some of their most successful shows like "The Sopranos," "Deadwood," and "Boardwalk Empire" came with a heavy amount of violence. The network dialed the blood, savagery, and action up a notch with "Game of Thrones" (although the less we say about that ending, the better), and "Westworld" continued that trend. The series has never shied away from excessive violence and sex, and there's been no shortage of crazy moments in three seasons of the show. The theme park is filled with robotic hosts designed to provide anything that guests might have a taste for, no matter how violent. It's really no surprise that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) started a revolution, is it?

The violence on the show has been brutal and unforgiving at times, including the Ghost Nation tribe and their leader's scalping of various hosts before carving a maze into the underside of the skin. Even when Season 3 took the action out of the park and into the rest of the futuristic world, "Westworld" was still violent, compelling, and incredibly memorable. Few moments were as shocking as the end of Season 3,  when a car bomb left Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) crawling from the wreckage with horrific burns covering her entire body. 

Incredibly, one of the most talked about scenes on "Westworld" took things too far without actually showing anything on screen.

The Man in Black attacks Dolores

Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton) is one of the most enduring hosts on the show, largely because she's already gone through so much heartbreak and anger in her past life as a simple homesteader. She constantly endures flashbacks of living a peaceful life in the country with her daughter (Jasmyn Rae), before they were attacked and killed by the Ghost Nation tribe. However, another recurring vision reveals that the Man in Black/William (Ed Harris) also attacked them. In Season 1, Episode 8, "Trace Decay," the villainous gunslinger recounts a tale to Teddy (James Marsden), explaining that his wife committed suicide in the real world over William's growing darkness because of his adventures in the park.

To truly test his capacity for evil, William hunts Maeve before shooting her young daughter. A child's death will always shock viewers, but William's motivations make it so much worse. It's just a game — he isn't doing it out of bloodlust or part of some grand scheme. He just wants to see if he is capable of murdering someone wholly innocent. Making things even more sinister, William reveals that he felt nothing in killing them both. 

The Man in Black is one of the most complex characters in "Westworld," but killing a child just makes him irredeemable. Sure, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy develop his arc further in the second and third seasons, but this moment took his violence a step too far. After Season 3's dramatic ending, it'll be interesting to see where William ends up in Season 4.